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Jason & Herc

No description

Kelsey Denton

on 28 July 2016

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Transcript of Jason & Herc

Herc & Jason
Herc's relational goal: To maintain / escalate
Jason's relational goal: To Maintain / escalate
Defining the Relationship
Herc & Jason are agentic friends. They focus "primarily on helping each other achieve practical goals" (McCornack 248) like making the Wheel Chair Rugby Team, understanding their condition or initiating/concluding relationships. Although they do provide emotional support one another, it is generally brief, so intimate self-disclosure is not a key figure in their friendship as it might be with communal friends (McCornack 248).
Herc & Jason maintain their relationship by sharing activities such as Rugby or traveling to Austin. They also abide by many of the friendship rules such as showing support, seeking support and sharing humor. Jason doesn't always appreciate Herc's method of showing support or sharing humor (McCornack 257), especially early on, but even Herc's suspicion of Lyla can be considered a form of support for Jason.
Herc and Jason's relationship initiates when Herc is placed as Jason's roommate at the Rehab facility. They get off to a rocky start as Herc's self-confidence and brash verbal and nonverbal communication initial sets Jason off. At this point Herc appears to want to create and/or escalate some kind of relationship with Jason, and Jason's reactivity at the time and to Herc in general suggests he does not.
When Herc introduces Jason to Wheel Chair Rugby it opens up space for further disclosures. They begin to talk about their experiences and relationships. At this point both are invested in escalating the relationship; Jason partly because he is interested in accomplishing his instrumental goal of playing Quad Rugby.
When Jason and Herc go to Austin for Quad Rugby trials they really pass into an intensifying stage as they spend more time together and disclose greater and greater levels of content. They do activities at this point that further solidify their relationship, including the discussion of Jason's feelings about Susie.
Works Cited
Mccornack, Steven. Interpersonal Communication and You: An Introduction. Bedford St Martin's, 2014. Print.
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