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Dental Implants or Bridge?

Dental implants are now the standard-of-care for teeth replacement. The success of dental implants has been extensively demonstrated in the literature and has clear benefits and advantages over bridges.

H. Ryan Kazemi

on 7 September 2010

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Transcript of Dental Implants or Bridge?

The success of dental implants are well documented in long-term studies
...So when you can replace a missing tooth...
...like this
...To this with a dental implant
So If your dentist recommends a bridge
or replace this bridge...
...with this:
It's the standard-of-care
Which one do you prefer?
Two implants by Dr. H. Ryan kazemi
Prosthesis by Dr. Ben Watkins
Ask about dental implants
With unnecessary cutting of
healthy adjacent teeth

Have you had conflicting recommendations on how to replace your missing teeth?
Dental implants
A Bridge?
As reported extensively in literature
you have a choice
Preserve your bone
Preserve your teeth
Here are some facts to help you make the right decision:
Lets say you have a missing tooth
You have 4 options
Or Doing nothing
Partial Denture
Get a Bridge
Replace with implant
(not so great)
Removable teeth with wire clasps
Best dentistry could offer- 25 years ago!
Current standard of care
Lets Take A Look at Each Option
Doing nothing has certainly its problems
Bad for your smile
Shifting of other teeth
Loss of bone
And damage and loss of other teeth
Partial dentures cause many types of damages
Fracture or decay of other teeth
Teeth loosening
Bone loss
They are also extremely difficult to eat with
And not so great for smile either
Bridge is the Most damaging of all
Requires cutting down of adjacent teeth
Result in bone loss where teeth where extracted
Recurrent decay under the bridge is very common
And when you realize that:
Then there are dental implants
And the facts are:
Implants can last a life time
Implants are less invasive
Implants are less damaging
Implants preserve the jaw bone
Implants are less painful
Partial denture is a removable prosthesis which is supported by other teeth with metal clasps and a denture flange that rests on your jaw bone.
They also cause
Partial dentures are made of metal and plastic. They flex and move everytime you bite on them.

So they often cause
irreversible damages
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See our website

or call us at
(301) 654-7070
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