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Trigonometry Project

No description

Salma Nawar

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Trigonometry Project

By: Zahra Alhemidawi, Amina Bounemri,
Salma Nawar. Trigonometry Introduction: What is Trig? Trigonometry is just another branch of
the infinite subject of Mathematics. There are three trigonometric ratios that we have learned about so far; sine, cosine, and tangent. In this project, we used the trigonometric ratio, tangent, to find the height of a lamp post. Lastly, we measured the
height of what we thought looked
like about 1/3 of the lamp post. We got about 13 ft. Then we multiplied that by 3 and got about 39 ft. which we rounded to 40 ft to make the calculations easier. After finding the length of the distance from Amina to the lamp post and the angle of elevation, we used the trigonometric ratio tangent to find one of the missing angles. We found the missing angle by using this formula:
Which equals: 57°. First, we had Amina stand where we thought the lamp post would end if we laid it down and measured that distance. We got a measure of about 30 ft. Then, we used the trigonometric ratio of tangent to find the angle of elevation from Amina to the top of the lamp post. We then used the angle theorem to find the last missing angle. By now, we are all familiar with the angle sum theorem. In a triangle, all the angles equal to 180 degrees. Since the missing angle was 53°, and the lamp post formed a 90° angle, we subtracted the sum of those two angles from 180° to find the last angle, which was 37°. The height of the lamp post is:
about 40ft. tall Trigonometry in Real Life We use trigonometry everyday without even realizing it. We use trigonometry when we are on the computer; our head is in an angle with the computer screen. Your dad uses trigonometry when he goes fishing; the angle of his fishing rod with the water, and if you and your friend are at the beach and want to race out to the island in the middle, you're using trigonometry to guess how far away the island is. Trigonometry is used so much is real life. Materials Measuring Tape
Meter Stick
Construction Tape
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