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Nick Molargik

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Zombies!!!

By: Gage Mossberger and Nick Molargik

The fungus is currently only known to infect ants. However, if the food chain is brought into mind, it could transfer to humans. But, should you be worried? Not necessarily.
This infectious fungi is only known to infect a specific species of ants. The fungi enters its host either through direct contact with the fungus or though spore transportation (Brusson). Once infected, the host loses its motor an nerve control as the fungi takes over the body. It eventually kills the ant and grows out of the its head and it starts releasing more spores into the air (Evans).
Why shouldn't I worry?
Things like the immune system, the DNA structure, and the physical size differences play huge factors that will stop an infection. Humans have immune systems that are much more powerful than that of an ant. Humans are also much larger than ants, making it much more difficult to take over a person. Also, the cordycep is accustomed to the ants genetic makeup.
Okay, but what if?
If O. unilateralis were to actually have a chance against your immune system, it would still take weeks or even months for even the slightest change to take place. It is possible for the fungus to mutate to the human genome as well, but it would have to be in close contact with us for a very long time (Cordyceps).
Sadly, there is no treatment and the fungus would eventually take over your body. Within days you would no longer have control of your actions. In no time, you could be known as the cause of the end of the world (The Infected).
If Left Untreated
Zombies! To many the word will bring terror to the mind, for others it will bring up a lingering question.
What are zombies? Could they exist? How fast would an infection take over its host? Ponder no more, as we dive into the popular topic of the undead.
Can It Infect Me?
What is a zombie?
A zombie is defined as a soulless corpse said to be revived by witchcraft. However, zombies today have been looked upon as being people that have been infected by some sort of disease.
What realistic factor could make a zombie?
There have been multiple takes on how zombies could come to fruition. However, the most realistic scenario being how the video game "The Last Of Us" portrays them.
Ophiocordyceps unilateralis
"The Last Of Us"
In the game, a mutated string of a parasitic fungus called Ophiocordyceps unilateralis was released. The fungus had about 60% of the global population.

Works Cited
In the game, the spores enter the body by breathing them in. In about two days the fungus starts to take control the motor functions of its host and the person is no longer in charge of their own actions.
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"Could We Be The Last Of Us"
(In the game)
Be Ready...
Fun Facts!
If you are required to go into a place with spores, wearing a gas mask will keep you safe.
Once infected, the host will start growing fungus out of the opening in their body (this includes any cuts as well).
Teeth become horribly rotted and much sharper.
There are four stages of infection, Runner, Stalker, Clicker, and Bloater (The Infected).
Fun Facts!
In the early stages of infection, it is thought that the host is still aware of what is going on. They can feel the pain of the fungus ripping through their bones, and they can see that they are killing people, but they are no longer in control.
In the later stages of infection, after the fungus takes complete control of the host, much more fungus grows out of the host. It has also adapted to protect its host by hardening into a sort of body armor made of fungus (The Infected).
Fun Facts!
Clickers and Bloaters are actually blind. The infected brain grows out of the head of the host and damages the visual cortex. They have adapted to this by learning how to use echolocation.
The fungus is bio-luminescent in the late stages of infection.
Typically, the fungus itself is the cause of death for the host. The fungus will direct its host to a dark, wet, warm area to die so that it can release its spores into the air in order to spread(The Infected).
Lack of Vision
Bloater Body Armor
Dead Infected
The Walking Dead
Plants vs. Zombies
Use left and right arrow keys to control slide show.
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