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Bible Timeline

Interactive Bible Timeline

Micah Murphy

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Bible Timeline

2100 B.C.
2000 B.C.
1900 B.C.
1800 B.C.
1700 B.C.
1600 B.C.
1500 B.C.
1400 B.C.
1300 B.C.
1200 B.C.
1100 B.C.
1000 B.C.
900 B.C.
800 B.C.
700 B.C.
600 B.C.
500 B.C.
400 B.C.
300 B.C.
200 B.C.
100 B.C.
1 A.D.
100 A.D.
2120 B.C. - Vocation of Abram
1906 B.C. - Israel goes down to Egypt.
2109 B.C. - Birth of Ishmael
2096 B.C. - Covenant of
2095 B.C. - Birth of Isaac
2080 B.C. -
Testing of Abraham
2035 B.C. - Birth of Esau & Jacob
Age of the Patriarchs
1836 B.C. - Joseph dies in Egypt
1571 B.C. - Birth of Moses
1446 B.C. - Exodus from Egypt
1406 B.C. - Israel begins conquest of Canaan
1155 B.C. - Birth of Samuel
1050 B.C. - Saul Anointed King
1010 B.C. - David Anointed King
970 B.C. - Solomon Anointed King
Temple Constructed
930 B.C. - Rehoboam Made King
926 B.C. - Kingdom Divides
into Israel & Judah
912 BC - Ministry of Elijah Begins
896 B.C. - Elijah Taken into Heaven
721 B.C. Assyria Conquers Israel
586 B.C. - Babylon Conquers Judah
Jerusalem Destroyed
Babylonian Captivity Begins
539 B.C. Cyrus Conquers Babylon
537 B.C. - Decree of Cyrus
Returns Jews to Jerusalem
515 B.C. - Second Temple Built
336 B.C. - Alexander the Great Begins Conquests
167 B.C. - Maccabbean Revolt against
Persecution of Antiochus Epiphanes Begins
164 B.C. - Cleansing &
Rededication of the Temple
1 A.D. - Birth of Jesus Christ
33 A.D. - Institution of the Eucharist
Institution of the Priesthood
Death of Christ
Resurrection of Christ
Pentecost Church Founded
30 A.D. - Start of
Ministry of
Jesus Christ
Eternal Covenant of Jesus Christ
Age of the Exodus
Age of the Kingdom
Age of the Church
50 A.D. - Council of Jerusalem
1 A.D. - Birth of Jesus Christ
12 A.D. - Jesus Found in the Temple
31 A.D. - Start of
Ministry of
Jesus Christ
33 A.D. Death & Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Creation of Light
(and angels)
Separation of light from darkness
(and demons from angels)
Creation of Sky and Sea
Creation of Land and Plants
Creation of Sun, Moon, and Stars
Creation of Birds and Fish
Creation of Animals and Man
(and Woman)
Sin of Adam and Eve
Fall from Grace
Original Sin
Adamic Covenant
Noahic Covenant
God warns Noah about the Flood
Noah builds the Ark
The Flood begins
The Flood ends
Noah and his family disembark from the Ark
Noah offers the sacrifice of the Noahic Covenant
Noah gets drunk and Ham, his son, sees him naked
Noah passes the Adamic priesthood to his son, Shem
Noah curses Canaan, Ham's son
Adam offers the sacrifice of the Adamic Covenant
c. 2108 B.C. - Blessing of Melchizedek
"Hidden Life of Christ"
"Hidden Life of Christ"
c. 3 A.D. - Genocide of the Holy Innocents
1 A.D. - Birth of Jesus Christ
Visitation of the Shepherds
Presentation in the Temple
c. 2 A.D. - Visitation of the Wise Men
1 B.C. - Annunciation of John the Baptist
Annunciation of Jesus Christ
Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
31 A.D.
32 A.D.
33 A.D.
34 A.D.
Note: All events within this timeframe
are speculative and imprecise.
Baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan
Wedding Feast at Cana
Temptation of Jesus in the Desert
Call of the Disciples
Cleansing of the Temple (near Passover)
Multiplication of the Loaves (near Passover)
Holy Week
Sermon on the Mount
Bread of Life Discourse
Jesus Walks on Water
The Confession of St. Peter
The First Prediction of the Passion
The Transfiguration
The Second Predition of the Passion
The Third Prediction of the Passion
Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
The Cleansing of the Temple
The Lament over Jerusalem
The Anointing at Bethany
The Betrayal by Judas
The Last Supper
Peter's Denial
The Agony in the Garden
The Arrest of Jesus
Jesus Before the Sanherin, Pilate, and Herod
The Scourging at the Pillar
The Crowning with Thorns
The Crucifixion
The Death & Burial of Jesus
The Resurrection of Jesus
Note: the traditional dating of Christ's life will be used here, but theologians and historians speculate on the exact years. Christ may have been born several years previous to the traditional date.
c. 64 A.D. - Great Fire of Rome
Neronian Persecution
Martrydom of St. Paul
Martyrdom of St. Peter
70 A.D. - Destruction of
Missionary Travels of the Apostles
Gabriel Fink, Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike License
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