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Tahsin Reza

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of Law

Tahsin Reza
May 15, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Corrections and Conditional Release Act
An Act respecting corrections and the conditional release and detention of offenders and to establish the office of Correctional Investigator
Summarizes the discipline procedures of inmates in prison
Outlines the rules of conditional release
Contribute to the support of a just peaceful and safe society by

• Carrying out sentences through safe and humane custody and supervision of offenders

• Assisting the recovery of offenders and their reintegration into the community as law-abiding citizens

Service enhances its openness and effectiveness with exchange of information with victims, offenders and other components of the criminal justice system

Offenders must obey penitentiary rules and conditions (temporary absences, work release, parole etc.) and participate in objectives such as rehabilitation and reintegration.

Policies respect gender, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic differences. and respond to the special needs of woman, aboriginals and people with special care.
Uses measures that are steady with the protection of society, staff members, and offenders.

Correctional Services
Prison System
Conditional Release
What is it?
The federal body which supervises federal penal institutions, administers court-imposed sentences of two years and greater, preparing offenders for return to society
incarcerating all offenders
processing parole applications
running probation services
Under the
Correctional and Conditional Release Act
conditional release allows the offender to get out of prison and to serve the rest of the sentence in the community while under surveillance
Types of Release
Escorted absence
Unescorted absence
Day Parole
Full parole
Statutory release
3 Levels of Security:
- Maximum Security (Most Dangerous)
- Medium Security
- Minimum Security
Did you know?
An average of 153 000 individuals were under the
supervision of Correctional Service Agencies in Canada
between 2005-2006
Public safety is the primary consideration in all conditional release decisions
- Parole Board of Canada
Living Conditions Governed
- No person shall apply an instrument of restraint as punishment for offender
- No instigation, consent or accompany any cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment or punishment of an offender
- All penitentiaries must comply with:
- living and working conditions for inmates and staff are safe
- healthful and free of practices that undermine personal sense of dignity
- Inmate is entitled to have contact with family, friends, and other persons from outside penitentiary

Programs for Offenders

- Programs are available to address needs of offenders for reintegration into community
- Payments may be made to offenders for:
- encouraging offenders to participate in the programs
- financial assistance in order to facilitate reintegration into the community
Did you know?
The 2007 national crime rate reached its lowest point in 30 years. Canadian police services reported a 7% decline in crime, the third consecutive annual decrease.
The end
Health Care
The service takes into account the needs of all inmates including their health and their mental health in order to provide proper care
- Inmate may request for treatment or opt-out of treatment at any given time
- Treatment must clinically sound and in compliance with all ethical standards.
- A inmate will not be force-fed if the inmate with a conscious mind decides to fast.
Name the 3 levels of prison security?

Name two out of the five the types of conditional release ?
What is the main purpose of the Corrections and conditional release act? Choose the best answer
a) Contribute to the support of a just peaceful
and safe society

b) to help prisoners get out of jail

c) help judge and jury to decide what sentences should the judge give to the offender

d) To help the National Parole Board decide
which prison level should the offender be sent

e) all of the above
If Bob went to rob a bank with the only intention to rob money but accidentally killed the bank manager. Would this be considered a manslaugter? If no predict which level of security would he be sent to? Explain your reasonings
True or False
British Columbia has its own provincial parole board.
What is the purpose of the correction system?
a) running probation services

b)processing parole applications

c) incarcerating all offenders

d)all of the above

e) only a and c
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