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Interview Speech For Class

No description

Izzy Rekas

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Interview Speech For Class

Interview Speech Intro
The reason I play 7 instruments is because of my mom. My brother and I started playing music when we were very young because my mom is a school strings teacher. Her name is Linda Rekas and she teaches over 400 students at Blevins and Fairway Elementary School. But not all of them every day. Her week consists of teaching 3rd graders violin and 4th and 5th graders how to play in an orchestra. This takes up a lot of her time. From preparing the room she teaches in, to tuning instruments, to teaching classes, to traveling between school, to grading assignments and arranging music at home. Point 1
Communication is a huge part of my mom's job. She emails, telephone people, posts on her website, and peaks to people face to face. Public speaking is a big part too. She speaks at parent sessions, has spoken at national conventions and led district staff development sessions. One of her techniques is to give a visual aid.When interviwed she said, "I use them all the time! I use handouts, computer programs, the smart board, and the dry erase board." My mom interacts with people all the time. With her bosses,her many students, and their parents. Point 2
My mother thinks that public speaking is a very important skill. However, she says that she would rather be playing music than giving a speech. Having an agreeable audience is a big help when giving a speech. It makes you more comfortable and gives you more confidence. That's why my mom says,"You (the audience) should make eye-contact with the speaker, definitely don't use cellphones, and focus." Point 3
We're lucky that we get to start learning about public speaking already. My mom's first public speaking class was when she was in college.Some advice she has for young public speakers like us is to,"connect with the audience, be prepared, know your subject, and pace yourself. You shouldn't speak to fast or too slow." Your speech needs to be engaging and interesting in order to keep you audience's attention. Conclusion
Public speaking is an important skill because everyone will use it at some point in their life. Qualities of a good speaker are knowing your subject well, making eye-contact, and connecting with the audience. Qualities of a good audience are paying attention, making eye-contact with the speaker, and please, turn off all electronic devices. Just remember these things and you'll do fine the next time you have to present a public speech.
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