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Bears By Nicholas T.

No description

Bonnie Madieros

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of Bears By Nicholas T.

Bears By Nicholas T.
As soon as They wake up They Eat
i am nobody
They hibernate until spring (6 Months) and brown bears grow 9 feet
tall and Weigh 700 Ibs. and cubs like to play to train themselves.
First, About bears
In Conclusion,Mom bears protect their cub
I would like to learn more about these wonderful animals. Maybe some day I can see one in a zoo
The book bear cub is about 2 Cubs that are born in a den in winter. It tells how they grow up and learn to survive in the mountains.
they eat Elk, Fish,Other father bears,
berries and roots. how they find the
fish is they bob their heads into the
water. how they find roots is they
remember where it is and dig it
They protect their cubs by bellowing, standing on their hind legs, scare their enemies far far away and hunt them as far as they can.

im a weirdo
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