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Peak By Roland Smith

Book Report Project

Keira Hurt

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Peak By Roland Smith

Roland Smith
Scholastic Inc. Peak Basic Summary Characters Setting Peak Marcello loves climbing, except since he moved to New York City, his opportunities for this have dwindled down to, well, illegally scaling skyscrapers. Once he gets caught, he must move to Tibet, China with his dad that he hasn't seen in seven years. His father is a legendary climber who runs an Everest tour business "Peak Experience", which is in the midst of other very competitive organizations. Peak wants to please his dad by making it to the summit as the youngest person in history. This would help business soar, but the only problem is that Peak's birthday is coming up. They must race time to get to the top, safely, before his birthday. Protagonist/Main Character: Mt.Everest is a mountain in South Asia, on the boundary between Nepal and Tibet, in the Himalayas: the highest mountain in the world. 29,028 feet (8848 meters It's A Great
Read!!! Peak Marcello is a fourteen year old boy who loves climbing and being outdoors. His main obstacle is trying to summit Mt. Everest in time to set a world record. For the most part, there is no antagonist. Feeling/Mood The storyline in this book could represent overcoming obstacles in life. In the story, Peak works hard to get to the summit. Peak Marcello Minor Characters: Vincent-Peak's mentor Paula&Patrice- Peak's twin sisters Rolf-Peak's step dad Joshua Wood-Peak's real father Traci Marcello-Peak's mom Zopa- Joshua's good friend who also helps along the climb Sun Jo-Zopa's grandson Captain Shek- Tibetan captain
who is in charge of watching the camps Holly Angelo-News castor who comes
to Everest Peak lived in an apartment in New York City before he moved. I also thought the storyline could represent your "peak" in life. This could be a time when you are achieving great things, making a difference, or impacting others lives. Inspiring Teen Survivor Program, Orillia Public Library 2009 Nevada Young Reader's Award
National Outdoor Book Award!
Miami Herald Best Kid's Books for 2007.
Peak makes the 2008/2009 Texas Lone Star Reading List.
Booklist Editor's Choice, 2007
ALA 2008 Best books for Young Adults
ALA 2008 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers
ALA 2008 Selected Audiobooks for Young Adults
New York Public Library's 2008 Books for the Teen Age List
2007 National Outdoor Book Award Peakwas definitely a great
book. There was such a
great twist at the climax
which made it so intriguing,
I could barely stop reading!It was also motivational because of such a captivating, inspirational plot. "The only thing you'll find on the summit of Everest is a divine view.The things that really matter lie far below."
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