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Verbos Como Gustar

Spanish Prezi - Verbs like Gustar

Jessica McCartney

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Verbos Como Gustar

Verbos Como Gustar Verbs Like Gustar Gustar: When using Gustar, it is usually written beginning with an indirect object pronoun indicating the person who is pleased.(IOP)
It is followed by a noun indicating the thing that pleases. Practice yourself:
Congugate gustar with the subject. Don't forget that your Indirect Object Pronouns are: You may have noticed that in
''Nos gustan las tortugas."
Gustar isn't conjugated to nosotros form.
Remember, the verb is conjugated to agree with
the subject of the sentence this being
the spanish translation:
(The turtles ) Now that you know how to correctly use the verb gustar, here is a list of verbs that operate in the same manner: English translation: Me gust__ las flores.
Nos gust__ el cuaderno.
Ellas le gust__ la pelicula.
Te gust__ los zapatos. Spanish meaning: to like to please Example: Me gusta el gatito. I like the kitten. The kitten is pleasing to me. English translation: Spanish Meaning: Me gusta el gatito. Example: indirect object pronoun=
person who is pleased noun = the thing(s) that pleases Example: Nos gustan las tortugas. English Translation: We like the turtles. Spanish Meaning: The turtles are pleasing to us. Example: Nos gustan las tortugas. indirect object pronoun=
person who is pleased noun= the thing(s) that pleases indirect object pronoun gustar noun + + Notice the subjects: within the english translation the main subject is the person. I like the kitten. We like the turtles. Subject Subject Notice the subjects: in spanish the subjects of the sentence are the objects. The kitten is pleasing to me. The turtles are pleasing to us. Subject Subject Subject Now you try: What are the subjects of each sentence? I like the dogs.
The frogs are pleasing to me. The chairs are pleasing to me.
I like the chairs. Label the indirect object pronouns and nouns of each sentence: Me gusta las sillas.
Ellos le gustan las fresas.
James le gusta el beisbol.
Nos gustan los boligrafos. Me gusta el gatito. el gatito=singular=gusta Nos gustan las tortugas. las tortugas=plural=gustan *Singular= gusta*
*Plural= gustan* No matter what the indirect object pronoun is,
gustar is either conjugated gusta or gustan depending on if the subject is singular or plural. Example: Me gusta el gatito. Gustar always congugated for the subject
NOT the IOP Me Te Le Nos Les *These are used when using gustar* *be sure to write these down with there meanings* abuirrir = to bore

caer bien/mal = to get along with/badly with

disgustar = to upset

doler = to hurt; to ache

encantar- to like very much

faltar- to lack; to need

fascinar- to fascinate

hacer falta- to miss importar = to be important to; to matter

interesar = to be interested to; to interest

molestar = to bother; to annoy preocupar = to worry

quedar = to be left over; to fit clothing

sorprender = to surprise Examples: Te abuirre la clase.

Les disgusta la profesora.

Me preocupa la clase de espanol.

Juan le sorprende la fiesta.

Nos molesta los profesores. (singular) Now you try: (singular)
Conjugate the verb correctly for the noun. Me hacer falta la silla.
Te quedar la blousa.
Michael le molestar la chica.
Nos faltar el lapiz. Example: (plural) Me preocupan los profesores.

Te hacen falta las papas fritas.

Ken le dolen las cabezas.

Nos encantan las fresas.

Les fascinan las chicas. Now you try: (plural)
Conjugate the verb correctly for the noun.
Me abuirrir las clases.
Te encantar los chicos.
Hannah le hacer falta las computadoras.
Les faltar las sillas. Congrats!
You just learned about Verbos Como Gustar!

To show how much you've learned write sentences using gustar and each verb like gustar. A sentence using a singular and plural conjugation for each.

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