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Freshwater Energy Pyramid(Pond)

No description

Bruce Moe

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of Freshwater Energy Pyramid(Pond)

Freshwater Energy Pyramid(Pond)
Red Water Liliy(Nymphaea rubra)
narrow leaf Cattail(Typha angustifolia)
Green Algae(Pediastrum boryanum)
Tadpole(Indirana beddomii)
Herbivores/Primary Consumers
Energy: 2,018 kcal
River Nerite(Theodoxus fluviatilis)
waterflea(Daphnia occidentalis)
Carnivores/Secondary Consumers
Dragonfly Nymph(Erythrodiplax Berenice)
Common Carp(Cyprinus carpio)
Carnivores/Tertiary Consumers
Largemouth Bass(Micropterus salmoides)

Energy: 20.18 kcal
Energy: 2.018 kcal
Energy: 201.8 kcal
Lost Energy
In each level of the pyramid, the majorty of the energy an organism recieves or produces is used up, and only a small percentage is passed along(10%).
This energy is used by the organism in order to survive, grow and Reproduce.
All of the energy that is used by the organism is eventually given off in the form of heat.
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