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MG Presentation- Wings of Fire The Dragonet Prophecy-

Reading Incentive Project

Mario Gonzalez

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of MG Presentation- Wings of Fire The Dragonet Prophecy-

Dragons of Pyrrhia SANDWINGS MUDWINGS SKYWINGS SEAWINGS RAINWINGS ICEWINGS NIGHTWINGS Starfligh and Morrowseer Sunny and Dune Clay Kestrel, Scarlet and Peril Tsunami Glory Fjoyd Ability: Survive a long time without water, poison enemies with tips of their talils like scorpions, bury themselves for camouflage in the desert sand, breathe fire. Abilities: can breathe fire (if warm enough),hold their breath for up to an hour, blend into large mud puddles; usually very strong. Abilities: powerful fighters and fliers, can breath fire. Abilities: can breathe underwater, see in the dark, create huge waves with one splash of their powerful tails; excellent swimmers. Abilities: can camouglage their scales to blend into their surroundings, use their prehensil tails for climbing; no known natural weapons. Abilities: can withstand subzero temperatures and bright light, exhale a desdly frezzing breath. Abilities: can breathe fire, disappear into dark shadows, read minds, foretell the future. The story is about five dragonets (baby dragons) that are stolen from their families to full fill the prophecy.

The prophecy is above 5 dragonets that one day will end the tragic war between the dragons.

The dragonets were raised by the 3 guardians (Kestrel, Dune and Webs) The guardians thought them different skills (battle, survival skills and history about the tribes)

This book is about the dragonets learning skills to fullfill the prophecy but they are not happy and plan to escape to learn about the real world and find their families.

The main dragonet characters are Clay, Tsunami, Starflight, Glory and Sunny.

The story takes place in SkyKindgom territory.

Dragonets are loyal, friendly and courageous.

Dragonets escape and face Queen Scarlet who later captures them and tries to
destroyed them. While held hostage they discover the world, true friendship and loyalty.

Dragonets escpae SkyKindgom and plan to go to Mud Kindgom..... At the end the dragonets discovered their true powers, they were very loyal and caring to each other they realized they were family.

My opinion of this book is great. Once you start reading you cannnot stop. You feel part of the story and full of many emotions.

I would change the part where Dune gets eliminated by Scarlet because I believe Dune was risking his own life to save the dragonets.

I recommend the book for you, you will enjoy reading it and learning about the story and characters.

I hope you enjoyed my prezi
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