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All About Possessive Nouns

Learning how to make nouns show possession.

Cathy BottolfsCathyB

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of All About Possessive Nouns

by Cathy B All About Possessive Nouns! Singular Possessive
Nouns Add 's to any noun to show that someone or something owns or possesses it. The Baby's bow is pretty. The boy's
bike is red. The dog's
tail is
wagging. Plural
Nouns Add an ' to
any plural
noun to make
it show
ownership. The kids'
were tasty. The fishermen's nets
are on the deck of
the boat. The witches'
cauldrons are boiling. http://www.henryanker.com/Language/Analogies/Analogies_Set_01.swf To practice with possessive
nouns click on the link. Additional Resources
Monster video—You tube

Google images

Review Game—www.henryanker.com Common Core State Standards
Connection ELA.3.32

Apply knowledge of parts of speech in writing, including:
• using correct forms of possessive pronouns, singular nouns, transitional words, and prepositions
• identifying and using irregular plural nouns correctly

• L.3.1 Prezi-tation Credits This prezi was created by:

Cathy Bottolfs
3rd grade
Hammond eastside elementary magnet school
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