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All things STAAR that you need to know to pass the test!!

Rebecca Ruddy

on 20 April 2012

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ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION pinky finger - weak central govt middle finger - boundary disputes PRINCIPLES OF THE CONSTITUTION POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY "people power" through the right to vote REPUBLICANISM citizens choose representatives to govern them FEDERALISM division of power between the federal govt & state govt INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS freedoms such as free speech, religion, right to jury trial SEPARATION OF POWERS powers of govt are divided among 3 branches CHECKS AND BALANCES each branch of govt has the power to check the other branches LIMITED GOVT govt only has the powers the Constitution gives it AMENDMENTS 1st - RAPPS - freedom of religion, assembly, petition, press, speech 2nd - right to bear arms (a bear has 2 arms) 3rd - no quartering of soldiers (3 quarters will get you a coke 4th - no unreasonable search and seizure 5th - no double jeopardy; right to jury trial 8th - no cruel or unusual punishment PEOPLE Samuel Adams - Sons of Liberty Thomas Jefferson - author of Declaration of Independence Thomas Paine - writer of Common Sense King George III - King of England during Revolution James Madison - author of U.S. Constitution Eli Whitney - cotton gin and interchangeable parts Robert Fulton - invented steamboat Samuel Morse - invented telegraph Frederick Douglass - black abolitionist;
The North Star Elizabeth Cady Stanton - led women's rights movement Harriet Beecher Stowe - author of Uncle Tom's Cabin Jefferson Davis - President of Confederate
States of America Ulysses S. Grant - general of Union troops Robert E. Lee - general of Confederate troops ring finger - no $ index finger - quarreling states thumb - no respect civil war amendments
13th - free
14th - citizens
15th - vote .....1607..............................1776.....................1787....................1803............................1861-1865 timeline Jamestown Declaration of Independence Constitutional Convention
Northwest Ordinance Louisiana Purchase Civil War FINAL 8TH GRADE STAAR REVIEW THE END - BEST OF LUCK ON THE TEST!!!!! coach chancellor, coach ward, and mrs. ruddy My mother fries eggs daily around Charlie's bus.
My - Magna Carta Mother - Mayflower Compact Fries - Fundamental Orders of Connecticut Eggs - English Bill of Rights Daily - Declaration of Independence Around - Articles of Confederation Charlie's - Constitution Bus - Bill of Rights
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