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From book to the big screen By:Adora Keser

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

adora keser

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of From book to the big screen By:Adora Keser

By:Douglas Adams
The Hichhikers Guide to the Galaxy
A man named Arthur Dent wakes up and finds out his house is going to be destroyed so the city can make a bypass. His freind Ford Prefect tells Arthur he's an alien reporter from Betelgeuse and saves Arthur's life when the Vogon aliens destroy the world for a hyperspace bypass.
The Plot.
When he's on the ship they get caught by the Vogons and have to listen to their terrible poetry and get thrown off the ship.
When they get rescued from the Heart of Gold they meet Zaphod Beeblebrox, Trillian, and Marvin. They go on an amazing adventure and find out about how worlds are created and they try to find the answer to the Ultimate Question.
Big details
The book
Plot for the movie.
Arthur dents house is about to be destroyed for a bypass. His best freind Ford Prefect saves his life when the Vogons destroy the Earth for a hyperspace bypass.
They get rescued by the Heart of Gold and end up on a planet where Trillian gets caught by the Vogons and Arthur and Zaphod have to save her. After they get her they go to a church and meet Humma Kavula. Later they get a mission from him to find a strange gun that makes people understand each other's feelings.
In the book they didn't go to the church
and do the mission for Humma Kavula
(evil man in trailer), they
didn't even go to that planet they just briefly
described the planet and went on.
In the book they also didn't have to save
Trillian who got caught by the Vogons, and Zaphod didn't get one of his heads cut off. In the end Arthur and Trillian were not together and never dated.
The Movie
Big details
In the movie they go on a total diffrent adventure before they get to Magrathea to discover how the planets are made. First they go to another planet, (They don't mention the name) and have to find a gun for Humma Kavula and Zaphod gets his head cut off. Trillian gets kidnapped and Arthur has to save her, and in the end Arthur and Trillan are together.
BY: Adora Keser
By: Douglass Adams
Why this changed the story.
The setting takes place in 2000-2001 takes place in space and random little planets.
Arthur Dent
- One of the main characters,
normal human. He is very irritable and gets angry when people intrude on a nice day which will happen almost as soon as he wakes up.
Human but flies spaceships.
She is a normal person who wanted a more exciting life so she leaves Earth with Zaphod. She explores the galaxy. She is very nice. Her real name was Tricia McMillan, which she changed to Trillian to sound more "Space-y."
Ford Prefect-
Ford Prefect is a reporter from another planet, but tries to be human when he is sent to Earth to update the Guide, but he is stuck on the planet for fifteen years. He is also cousins with Zaphod Beeblebrox, the President of the Galaxy, and Arthur's best friend.
Marvin is a depressed robot that tries to make the ship commit suicide by complaining about life. He travels around with Zaphod.
Slartibartfast works in Magrathea and helps make planets. He created Norway on Earth and got an award. After Earth is destroyed by the Vogons, he is helping create a new planet Earth.
Lunkwill and Fook-
Lunkwill and Fook are programmers of Deep Thought, the smartest computer in the universe. They want to find the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Later, they turn into mice.
Deep Thought-
Deep Thought is the ultimate computer. She was created to answer the Ultimate Question. Deep Thought takes 75,000,000 years to answer the question and she gives and answer, 42, that no one understands.
Humma Kavula-
Humma is the enemy in the movie that cuts off one of Zaphod's heads and holds it hostage until Zaphod brings him a gun that makes the person who gets shot understand the feelings of the person who shoots them. He is the Priest at a church that believes in sneezing. Also, he has no legs.
Questular Ronok-
Qeustular works with the Vogons to get the stolen spaceship Heart of Gold back, but she secretly loves Zaphod and tries to stop the Vogons from hurting him.
Zaphod Beeblebrox-
Zaphod is the President of the Galaxy, and he steals the Heart of Gold spaceship. He is stupid and has two heads and three arms. He wants the answer to the Ultimate Question because he thinks it will make him even more famous.

One major theme is "The meaning of life." Our characters are traveling the universe to find the answer to the Ultimate Question life, the universe, and everything.
They found the answer is 42. This number is a symbol of the stupidity of hoping that someone else has the answers to YOUR life.
Another symbol would be the Guide because it represents knowledge and understanding of how everything works.
The movie is more focused on romance. Arthur and Trillian get together, Zaphod and Questular get together, and everyone lives happily ever after. In the book there really isn't any romance. Arthur has a crush on Trillian, but she doesn't like him, they're just friends. Zaphod is so stuck-up that he never even thinks about having a romantic relationship.
Which I liked better.
I liked the book better

It was funnier and it focused on Magrethea instead of the romance. I personally don't like romance. Also, I felt like i was there on the ship with everyone. He described how they felt and what everything looked like.

My rating: If you like Sci-Fi and comedy you will probably like this book.
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