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Ed Sheeran

No description

Cathleen Giordano

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Ed Sheeran

fans of Ed Sheeran are known as
Ed Sheeran's fans often call him
Ginger Jesus
over 1.1 million followers on instagram
3,933,646 people like Ed Sheeran on facebook
8,358,765 followers on twitter

Ed Sheeran's
are ritualistic in the sense that he got a new tattoo on every stop he made on his tour for his

Rather than performing with a band, Ed Sheeran uses a
loop pedal
and even his audience as his background music.

Teddy's audience will sing the background harmonies in his songs while he performs. He calls his audience his
"gospel choir"
Prayer Language
Ed Sheeran's two famous symbols that identify him with his fans are the
plus sign
and the
paw print
. The plus sign signifies his album which is actually called
and the paw print actually has no significance.
Morality System
Image by Tom Mooring
Ed Sheeran
Kaitlyn Cleary
Cathleen Giordano
Mahlaney Wilson

Ed Sheeran endorses a very
relaxed form of behavior
by always wearing comfortable clothing. Often times, even during more formal events, you will find him in his
tshirt and hoodie
. He was voted by GQ Magazine 2012's
"Worst Dressed Male in Britain"

One can also say he endorses getting
. Teddy has over one hundred tattoos.
Teddy's Tattoos
Teddy's Loop Pedal and Performances
Ed supports raising money for the cause known as
. Those who donate can win a date with Ed.

Ed was asked by Peter Jackson to write and record the end credits for the new Hobbit film 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug'. He wrote and recorded the song
'I See Fire'
on the same day he saw the film, playing and producing all the instruments on the track (apart from the cello).

Do you listen to Ed Sheeran...religiously?
75% yes
25% no, but I like his music
0% I don't listen to Ed Sheeran
Have you ever seen Ed Sheeran in concert?
35% yes
55% no, but I want to
10% no
Do you consider yourself a Sheerio?
35% yes
40% sort of
25% no
Do you own Ed Sheeran apparel?
20% yes
80% no
Survey Results
Fan Favorites
The favorite song chosen by voters was
"Give Me Love"
When asked what they loved most about Ed Sheeran, almost all voters described him as
after saying they love his voice and his lyrics.
Voters said some songs make them feel
during rough times. Other songs are sad and make voters feel
in knowing that they can relate their feelings with Ed's lyrics.
Religious Ties
way of religion has a
"letting be"
attitude toward the world.
Based on the reviews we received from voters, the goal of Teddy's music, similarly to Buddhism, is to
escape from suffering
Ed Sheeran's
linguistic abilities
is what causes so many fans to veiw him as
British singer/songwriter
22 years old
Caught his first break when his album was recognized by Elton John and Jamie Foxx
In 2011 he signed his record deal
Only been known in the US for about a year
Most known for his song "The A Team" which was nominated for a Grammy
Has collaborated with Taylor Swift and written songs for One Direction
Is often mistaken for Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint)
Who is Ed Sheeran?
Ed keeps things relaxed
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