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Informative Essay

No description

Leah Messina

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Informative Essay

Thesis Statement
Central Message or the Main Point
Usually located in the last sentence of the introduction
It is clear and concise
It guides your writing
It is restated in the concluding paragraph.
First paragraph in the essay
Hooks the reader
-interesting fact, question, anecdote, historical reference, etc.
Previews the essay
Starts out general and gets more specific
Provides the Thesis Statement
Prepare a modified Thesis Statement
Summarize the topics of the essay
Includes a CLINCHER (similar to the hook, where you make a connection to your reader)
Image by Tom Mooring
Body Paragraphs
Informative Essay
Topic Sentences of each paragraph relates back to the topics in the thesis statement and previews what the paragraph will be about
Provide your research findings with direct quotes and paraphrasing of information
Give credit to the speaker when using direct quotes and information by introducing the person who came up with the idea
Explain and expand on your research findings
Use Transition Words to lead the reader and connect your essay
Provide a concluding sentence that reiterates how that paragraph fits in with the thesis and your essay as a whole.
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