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Minerva Munoz

on 24 August 2012

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Transcript of Fingerspelling

Fingerspelling What is it? Using the manual alphabet to include English words into ASL. Remember, ASL and English are two different languages. What do we fingerspell? Names of People Names of Cities and States Titles of Movies and Books Brand Names Fingerspelled "loan" signs
These are fingerspelled words that become signs. Hints for Reading Fingerspelling Configuration - look at the entire shape of the word Closure Clues - look at the beginning and end of the word Contextual Clues - look at the entire story Cultural Clues - familiarize yourself with the Deaf community and cultural terms Remember abbreviations for commonly used words like APT or AVE Hints for Producing Fingerspelling Practice confusing handshapes
Practice, practice, practice! Fingerspelling is the most difficult thing to master in ASL. Read and produce fingerspelled words as a whole, NOT letter by letter! Let's get to it! With your favorite color, highlight the letters you need for your name. Difficult handshapes
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