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Henry Hudson

Jessica, Caroline, Niko

Jessica Ruotolo

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Henry Hudson

He took many different routes to try and get to India. These were his voyages: Henry Hudson was an English
navigator who sailed for both,
England and The Netherlands. Henry Hudson was also one of the many people who wanted to find a shortcut from Europe to the far East. Hudson's Voyages By Niko, Caroline, Jessica Henry Hudson was selected to discover
a passage around the
North Pole to Japan and China. 1607 Henry Hudson set sail from England 1607 May Henry Hudson reached Greenland and later go’s back to England 1607 June 1608 April Henry Hudson set sail again from England 1608 June Henry Hudson was forced by his crew
to sail back to England after discovering
the Hudson Strait Henry Hudson 1609 April Henry Hudson set sail in Holland 1609 September 3 Hudson reaches the mouth of the
Hudson River in New York 1611 Henry Hudson DIES During Hudson's travels he made many different contributions to the modern world... Any Questions??? The Hudson River, and Hudson Strait,
are named after Henry Hudson. Hudson River Hudson Strait On Henry’s first voyage,
he discovered a
territory full of whales,
which opened up a new
form of hunting; whaling Hudson Bay On his fourth and final journey Henry Hudson discovered Hudson bay which later bared his name. During this last voyage Hudson's crew mutinied and left him, his son, and some crew members to die on a small boat in the Hudson bay. Hudson was asked to go on these journeys to find the Far East by different companies. Henry Hudson attempted to find chine west to east, but fails again. He instead discovered the Hudson bay. 1610 The first Company that financed
Hudson's Journey was the
Muscovy Company. The Second and final company that financed Hudson's journeys was the Dutch East India Company.
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