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Capsule Hotels

No description

Darian Harvey

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Capsule Hotels

Question # 1. When were capsule hotels made? Who made them? Where? Why? The very first Capsule Hotel was opened February 1, 1979! That means these hotels have only been opened
for about 31 years!!! The design for capsule hotels was created by Kisho Kurokawa The very first capsule hotel was opened in Osaka, Japan.
The initial room rate for one night was 1,600 yen. which is about 17 american dollars
There are 2 different reasons why capsule hotels were made:
another reason was to help the over crowding in Japan, and this was possible because the capsules took up very little space
so that if a person was too intoxicated to return home safely, the person would catch a bus and go to the closest capsule hotel
even if they could get home safely, they would be too embarrased to face their spouse
Question #2 Will these hotels most likely be spread to other places? If so, where? The idea of capsule hotels have not really gained much popularity outside of the country of Japan. Some western places have similar copies, but are larger than the ones featured in Japan. Capsule hotels could possibly be spread to other very crowded places such as China The average room rate for 1 night in a hotel in the United States is about $85! Question #3. What is the size of each room and what is it made of? How much does it cost to stay in a room for 1 night? What is usually inside each capsule? Are there different sizes and is there anything else in the hotel except rooms? The capsule is a plastic or fiberglass block roughly 2 meters x 1 meters x 1.5 meters. It now cost roughly between 2,000 and 4,000 yen which is about $30-$40 they usually include: a T.V an electric console or radio and wireless internet There is a curtain and a fiberglass door at the end of every capsule there is a single sized, thin mattress in each room typically there is seperate sections for the men and the women who stay in the capsule hotels Restaurants, elaborate baths, and coin lockers are usually the only other things in the hotels besides the rooms a primary setback of these hotels is that your belongings can sometimes be stored in lockers on the other side of the city! there is sometimes a hole for air circulation in your capsule, but it isnt common it is typical that you check yourself in with a vending machine that spits out the key for your room after paying for it Ticket Vending Machine CAPSULE HOTELS! and there is only 1 size of capsule available! 30% of people who stay in capsule hotels are unemployed or underemployed!
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