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Maria Ma

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of P&G

Life Cycle

Environmental Sustainability

Sicong Ma
Procter & Gamble
• Incorporate sustainability into the products, packaging and operations
A better quality of life
now and for generations to come
A Long -term Environmental Sustainability vision
Conservation of Resources
• Design and manufacture products that maximize the conservation of resources
Renewable Resources
Worth from Waste
• Using 100% renewable or recycled materials for all products and packaging
• Powering the plants with 100% renewable energy
• Having zero consumer waste and manufacturing waste go to landfills
Life Cycle Assessment
The 2010 P&G Company Footprint
P&G has reviewed its energy and greenhouse gas emissions footprint across the lifecycle of its most important marketed products.
Life CYcle assessment
is the most impactful product .
The energy use
is largely related to the
heating of water
when consumers use these products in their homes.
consumer use phase
Thank you
Conservation of Resources
- Sustainable energy/water management in the production and operations.
•1. Cold Water Washing
- Advertise to communication channels to reach over 50 million consumers with key messages on the benefits of cold water washing.
•2. Packaging Reduction
- Reduce the packaging in product compactions, packaging light-weighting and more efficient transport packaging.
•3. Truck Transportation
- Combine the converting loads to inter modal (taking km off the road to reduce pollution).
4. Energy & CO2 & Water
- Purchase
wood pulp
for tissue and absorbent hygiene products.
- Be a member of the
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)
- Use
recycled paper
when it offers the best option to meet performance requirements and competitive market conditions.
Renewable Resources
1. Renewable energy & Renewable materials
- Partner with local utility supplier to install
solar panels
to eliminate CO2 emissions.
- Use 100% renewable electricity from
& meet the zero manufacturing waste to landfill definition.
- Conduct a detailed analysis of
petroleum-derived raw materials
& establish a clear development pipeline.
2. Sustainable Forestry
Worth from Waste
Ariel Excel Gel
Save energy and water
in the manufacturing process
less packaging
, and
half the number of trucks
are needed to transport it
Lower temperature
in use helps consumers
save energy
The manufacturing waste
The consumer waste
-Develop an integrated and profitable waste management business model that extracts value from waste.
American multinational consumer goods company
Products: cleaning agents & personal care products.
With the responsibility to operate sustainably &
use resources efficiently
Develop sustainable innovations that make every day better for the planet, and for the people
-Reuse, recycling, composting, or converting to energy
Energy & GHG Emissions
Reduce the product’s environmental impact throughout the life cycle
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