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Yellow Stars

No description

Michaela McCool

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Yellow Stars

Yellow Stars Yellow stars were used during the Holocaust to identify Jews. But does anyone really know why yellow stars were used, and where this idea came from? This presentation will help you learn more about yellow stars and why they were used on Jews during the Holocaust. Origin The six pointed star is known as the Star of David because of its association with King Daivd in the Bible. Long ago, people used it as the symbol of burnt human sacrafices. Therefore, the six pointed star became associated with burnt offerings. Identifying Jews During the Middle Ages and under the Israel Ottoman Empire, Jews were also forced to wear badges to identify themselves. When Hitler started to persecute the Jewish people, he adopted this idea so he could easily pick them out. Meaning Though few Jews were involved in the burned offerings, Hitler thought the worst of the Jews and associated the Jewish people with them. Since Holocaust can mean burnt offering, Hitler decided to use the symbol of a burnt sacrafice to identify the Jews. Association
with Jews Today Reasons Hitler strongly disliked the Jews, and wanted to destroy and insult them. He may have seen the burning of the Jews as an offering for power, and a way to further humiliate them. It was not until the Holocaust that the Jewish people were associated with yellow stars. Before their symbol was the Menorah, but after the Holocaust it evolved and changed into the six pointed star. Today, many Jews where the six pointed star by choice, and it has become a fashion. However, few have researched its background and know about its dark past. by: Michaela McCool
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