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The idea

No description

James Smith

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of The idea

12 Stages of Production
The idea
inspiration is all around us it can come from anywhere even when you walking down the street. You can get them from book and even films you can get inspiration from every thing. A pitch contains every thing the producer needs. Every movie has to have a director or the film wont run properly. The writer is the one that creates the story.
Development fiance
the producer uses the treatment and pitch.the producers approach film company for money. the producers offer the broadcaster money to develop of the script. the producer can even pitch a film to a private investor for more money.
script development
first the writer produces pyoninsy . there are many way of writing. the writer fee is conditional on the first draft. when the writer and producer are happy they will send a draft.
the producer and director now have to package the script. a good way to get views is to add stars to the script. to make it into a proper production they must use their fiances potential investors want to know how they will make money out of the film

post production
the footage come in to the editors and the edit so its quality and good enougth to be in a cinama this one of the most important parts for sales. after this the film is ready for final cut but who gets final cut.
finace can come from all round the world and is you find the right person you will make millions .
script development
once all the heads of department and hired the shooting script is circulated and pre production begins.
the casting director and producer start choosing the cast.

shooting is one of the most important part of the movie this is the part that we come and watch int the cinema this part of the movie takes the longest because of the camera shots
To help save the film to the disturbers
the producers secures a sale agent to help sale a film a trailers is made. the market is huge for filming so you must make the presentation good.
to help her sell the film the produce secures the services of a sale agent. knowing the audience helps a lot in the marking. the potential audience for the film is targeted by posters and adverts . the newspaper also put a word in for the film. in order to get the film to the audience the disturber must negotiate the deal.
a high profile star studded premiere is used to launch the film, the uk has more than 3500 cinema screens they do expeditions with prints of the movie. the exhibition takes their shares in the box offices. once everything is done you can recover investments.
other windows
uk audiences spend more on dvds than on tickets at cinema.tv are the final source of revenue. the movie can be used for vidieo games. the final income from the film is never known .
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