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New Student Orientation, Fall 2018, 12-Week Classes

No description

George Baird

on 13 September 2018

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Transcript of New Student Orientation, Fall 2018, 12-Week Classes

Wright College, Fall 2018
Welcome to NSO!
Program and degree options
Key Student Portal functions
City Colleges policies and expectations
Wright's campus community
A Step in the Wright Direction!
What is your goal at Wright College?
Transfer Programs
Career Programs
Associate of Arts (AA)
Associate of Science (AS)
Associate in General Studies (AGS)
Associate of Engineering Science (AES)
Associate of Fine Arts (AFA)
Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
Advanced Certificate (AC)
Basic Certificate (BC)
Degree Requirements
General Education Classes (Gen eds)
Program/Major Requirements?
Elective Credits
Degree requirements vary by type of degree, so know your degree and its requirements.
Academic Catalog
Outlines programs and requirements
Course descriptions
Build on Prior Credit
Prior college credit
Advanced Placement
International Baccalaureate
Military/Police Credit
ACTFL, and more
Class Selection
Select classes based on:
academic plan.
pre-requisites and sequence.
requirements for programs.
transfer destination
Interpret Your Placements
FS Read/Write
English 96
English 101
FS Math I/II
Math 99
Math Co-Reqs
College-Level Math
Math 18.....118
Math 25.....125
Plan Future Classes
Meet with your advisor
Payment & Tuition
You are responsible for tuition and abiding by refund deadlines.
Financial Aid
Payment Plan
Cash / Check
Credit Card
Third-Party Payment
WTH - Student Initiated Withdrawal
NSW - No-Show Withdrawal
ADW - Administrative Withdrawal
Types of Withdrawals:
Study List
Academic and Student Policy
Students' rights and responsibilities

Academic Standing
Satisfactory Academic Progress

Campus Security and Safety - Campus Center
Title IX
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Responsibilities and Expectations
Maintain at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) to be in good Academic Standing.

Utilize the on-campus student resources.

Get to know your professors and communicate with them.

Attend class, arrive on time, and be prepared.

Know City Colleges' policies and your responsibilities.

Complete classes and monitor progress.

Create an inclusive learning environment.

Connect and meet with your advisor regularly.
Student Services
Disability Access Center
The Wright Stop
(Art Building Lobby, A-128)
Financial Aid
Business Services (A-138)
The Gateway Advising and Transfer Center (A-120)
Wright Emporium - Tutoring for Math and Physics
Room S-102
Academic Support/Tutoring Center
Room A-245
The Writing Center Room S-101
Student Support Services
Veterans Support Services (Room S-139)
The Wellness Center
(Room S-106)
The Career Planning and Placement Center (Room S-128)
Wright in Your Corner (Room S-100)
Important Dates
• Graduate from a CPS school Spring 2018
• GPA of 3.0 in HS
• Test/place college ready
17 or higher on English and Math ACT
440 Math and 460 Reading & Writing SAT
AP, IB, dual credit, or other placement
If lower, take placement tests
• Must enroll in an Academic Pathway
Questions? Reach out to Star Advisor
Thank you for attending Wright!
Have a great semester!
New Student Orientation
Financial aid office can assist with:
Financial Aid Award Letter
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Past due balance
Tuition per semester
Book voucher availability

Located at the Wright Stop A-128
M - Wed: 9 am – 5 pm
Th: 9 am – 6 pm
F: 9 am – 1 pm

General Phone number
Complete your FAFSA by going to www.FAFSA.gov!
Renew FAFSA Oct. 1
Book voucher
Financial Aid
Financial Aid Advisors
Class Options
Main Campus
Humboldt Park
Special Focus
Learning Communities
Great Books
Honors Program
Service Learning
Diplomacy Lab
Latino/Latin American Studies
Global Studies
Find Balance in Your Schedule
Full-time minimum for Summer: 6 credits
Full-time minimum for Fall: 12 credits
What to Expect at Wright
What You Can Expect of Wright
Academic Student Services
* Financial Aid will not cover foundational studies courses or courses not on your degree plan.
Books! You'll Need Them!
Stay on Track
Online Bookstore
Automatically linked to your enrollment
Pay Tuition
Monitor Enrollment
Two-year institution
20:1 faculty to student ratio
Unique Signature Transfer Programs to many colleges/universities
Over 30 student clubs and organizations
Nine student support services -- including the Gateway Advising and Transfer Center.
pp. 7-18
p. 19
pp. 20-22
pp. 24-26
pp. 24-26
pp. 24-30
pp. 34-35
Student Portal
p. 19
pp. 59-69
pp. 34-35
pp. 40-49
pp. 50-51
pp. 51-54
pp. 51-54
Learn about Transfer Opportunities
Resources and Guides
Signature Transfer Partnerships
Transfer Events
Student Transfer Plan
Calendar of Transfer Visits
Transfer Kiosk
Student Transfer Plan
pp. 36-39

Campus Life
Student Activities Office (S-134)
Student Government Association (SGA)
Organizations and Clubs
PTK Honors Society
Many, many others, including other interest, academic, and pre-professional groups

Unlimited rides on CTA for full-time students
Prepare for Sept. 24
Established payment?
Checked degree plan?
Ordered books and materials?
Received student ID?

Make an appointment with your advisor as soon as possible.
p. 32
Available now!
Humanities/Fine Arts
Social Sciences
p. 54
p. 56
pp. 56-57
p. 5
Effective Summer 2018:
You will be charged a $200 No-Show fee if you are NSWed from one or more classes
Last day of registration:
Sept. 17
First day of class:
Sept. 24
Semester ends:
December 15
12-Week Schedule
p. 21
p. 31
Use the Portal for Success
Stay connected.
Stay on track.
Pay tuition.
Monitor enrollment.
Buy books.
Much, much more...
A few notes:
Check your email regularly.
Use GradesFirst to schedule an appointment with your advisor.
Brightspace will be our new learning management system starting Spring 2019.
Appointments available now
Priority registration for Spring 2019:
November 5
Open registration for Spring 2019:
November 7
Use resources
Academic Catalog
My Planner (in Student Portal)
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