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No description

Katherine Gibbard

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of MEDITEL

TEL Services

Every year, an estimated
6.9 million children die
before they reach the age of five
Many deaths are attributed to preventable and treatable diseases like pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria
Malaria Consortium has been implementing training in Mozambique, South Sudan, Uganda and Zambia
since 2009

Train selected community members in the skills required to
diagnose, treat and refer
in serious cases
Most conditions can be readily diagnosed and treated by people within the community, including those with limited education and medical training
To date, over 14,000 community health workers have been trained
providing close to 3 million treatments for over 2.4 million cases.
TEL Service User:
Community Health Workers in Rural Africa
Help community health workers make appropriate care decisions by guiding the process to diagnose, treat and refer patients based on the existence and severity of symptoms
Bring health care to the most vulnerable
Empower community health workers
Enable fast decisions to be made
Use appropriate technology
Share knowledge
Reduce the burden on overstretched health facilities
Continually update centrally
located database
Benefits of MED

Fast and easy to use – saving time
Select options by typing a number
on the phone keypad to work
through the decision tree
Resulting instructions summarised
in a text message to the recipient
Identify potentially severe cases
which need immediate referral
USSD is appropriate for areas without internet
Appropriate for basic mobile phones
Happy Africans!
Happy app developers!
TEL Service Capability:

Arduino Tech
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