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Growing Up During the 1930's in the US Southern States

No description

Ryan Attard

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Growing Up During the 1930's in the US Southern States

Music Much of the Southern Culture during the 1930's had been descended from the French, Spanish, Mexicans and British. Culture African Americans made up most of the lower class, with most migrating north for factory work due to poverty and unemployment. Standard of Living Economy US Southern States were hit harder then the Northern States due to the reliance on agriculture. Politics In 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated and recovered the US economy. He created a political alliance between the Northern Industries and the Southern Farmers. People in the 1930's Southern States grew up with
Country Music
Soul Music
By Ryan Attard Growing up in the
US Southern States during
the 1930's The Upper Class was made up of Government Officials, Lawyers, Bankers and Large Business Owners. The states of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas were hit with drought and disease making it harder to work and more people bankrupt. He helped the Southern Economy with employment and welfare. His administration helped the Southern States agriculture and industry. Clothing Fashion was dictated by budget measures and the higher the class and the wealthier, the more extravagant the clothing. The fashion was breaking from tradition and wearing more patterned clothing, furs, more detailed hats and looser cuts. Food The 30's introduced a wider variety of food to the Southern States. Many of the Southern foods of the 1930's came from Spanish, French, English and Latin American cultures and were altered to fit the Southern landscape. People would grow up with lots of spices and a wide variety. Religion Southern USA was mainly Christian with mainly Protestantism and Presbyterianism. People would grow up in church groups and closely worshiping their religion. Gender Differences Men Women Had the job
Made family decisions
Was the boss
Dominated all family members
Went to school and learned a trade Cared for children and a household
If married, her opinion was the opinion of her husbands
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