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Moose Ticks

No description

Tator Tot

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Moose Ticks

Moose Ticks How do ticks survive?
Blood from moose
A moose may have up to how many ticks? Many as 80,000 During the summer ticks are only exist as?
When did the moose first come to North
America? 10,000 years ago Ticks are taking over!
Moose are decreasing
Unhatched eggs
Hair lost is made by Ticks
Ticks hatch in Autumn and wait on tall grass until a moose walks by.
The ticks grow and feed on the moose
during the winter
In early spring the ticks mate. The male dies in early spring, and the female drops off the moose and lays her eggs.
While watching this video look for some Facts.
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