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The Awesomest Boy In The Striped Pajamas Prezi Presentation In The Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)


Sherry Bruce

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of The Awesomest Boy In The Striped Pajamas Prezi Presentation In The Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

By: John Boyne The Boy In The Striped Pajamas A Little Bit About the Author: The movie- The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is based on the book by John Boyne. John Boyne was born in Ireland in 1971. He published about 70 short stories after he studied English, literature and creative writing. When studying in Norwich and Dublin, he was awarded the Kurtis Brown Prize. In 2006, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas was made into a movie that won a Miramax film award, as well as two Irish Book Awards. Rising Action- Being introduced to
"Out-With". Auchwitz was an extreme change for the family especially Bruno because he has no friends and no where to explore due to the strict boundaries that were set immediately. Something that Mother Took Credit for the she Didn't Do. Life in Auchwitz wasn't any fun so Lt. Kotler ordered Pavel to get a tire for Bruno to make a tire swing. Bruno Goes Exploring Bruno decides to go exploring and disobey the boundaries. The Fury Comes to Dinner The Fury (Hitler) come to dinner, he is the cause of whats going on around them. Bruno likes to play with his three best friends for life- Karl, Daniel and Martin. One day mother announces that they
have to leave Berlin and go to Auschwitz
with her, father and Gretel. Resolution
Bruno's death
is the resolution because it solved multiple problems mainly within the family. When they arrive at their new home, Bruno discovers the camp outside his window. Although he was unaware that it's a concentration camp, instead he believes that it's a farm with a plethera of different children and farmers. Did you know, most of John Boyne's books are published in 46 different languages. Boundaries were set because of the nearby camp that Bruno thinks is a farm with a plethera of farmers and children. Which shows Bruon's naive understanding of his world around him. Main Characters: Secondary Characters: Tertiary Characters: One day Bruno was having fun on his swing until he fell off and Pavel set down the vegitables that he was carrying and helped. At this point Bruno finds out that Pavel was a doctor but since Bruno's unaware of what's going on he didn't understand why Pavel isn't a doctor anymore. When Mother gets home she says thank-you to Pavel and ends up saying that she was the one that helped
Bruno so that Pavel wouldn't get into trouble. When exploring Bruno goes towards the "farm" through the forest where he meets Shmuel on the other side of the fence. Bruno forgets all about his friends in Berlin and soon him and Shmuel become the best of friends. The Fury is very intimidating and very much disrespectful especially to Bruno and Gretel but his girlfriend whom he brought with him was the complete opposite. Gretel Changes Her Ways Due to being influenced by Lt. Kotler (Soldier/Crush) and Herr Liszt (Tutor/Teacher), Gretel decided to get rid of her dolls and instead posterizing her bedroom with images promoting war, Nazis, and Soldiers. She now would like to persue in enrolling in the army as well as she now looks up to Hitler. Long Time no See Bruno- Bruno is a naive 9 year old boy. He doesn't really understand the nature of Auschwitz camp and his father's job. He likes to go exploring, but sometimes exploring isn't the best thing for Bruno to do. Bruno has the adventure of his life when he meets Shmuel- a boy living on the other side of the fence. Commandant- The Commandant is Bruno's father. He is a soldier working at Auschwitz camp- the concentration camp beside Bruno's family's new house. Bruno doesn't understand exactly what his father does.

Gretel- Gretel is Bruno's older sister. She is 12 years old and Bruno refers to her as a hopeless case. Gretel likes playing with her dolls and arranging them to looks their finest. When Gretel meets Lieutenant Kotler- a young soldier- she becomes a different person. She likes maps and the war instead of her dolls. She even wants to join the army. Mother- Mother tries to be as encouraging as possible, but eventually she can't stand living at Auschwitz. Her health goes down and she doesn't look like her up-beat, preppy self anymore. She decided that living at Auschwitz isn't a suitable place to raise her children, and she wants to move back to Berlin. Schmuel- Shmuel is a 9 year old Jewish boy. He lived in Poland with his mother and father before having to come to the concentration camp- Auschwitz. Bruno and Shmuel met one day when Bruno was out exploring by the camp. They became the best of friends and met each other every day at the same spot by the fence. Maria- Maria is the family's maid. She was their maid when they were in Berlin and she came with them when they moves to Auschwitz. The Commandant took Maria to work at his house when Maria's mother died.

Lt. Kotler- Kotler is a young soldier working at the Auschwitz camp. He becomes Gretel's crush. Lieutenant Kotler treats the Jews terrible and has an embarrassing past because of his father fleeing Germany. Herr Liszt- Herr Liszt is Bruno's and Gretel's tutor when they move to Auschwitz. Other tertiary charters:

-The Fury
-Grandmother & Grandfather
-Prisoners Climax Antagonist –
An antagonist is the character(s) (or situation) that represents the opposition against which the protagonist must contend. In other words the antagonist is an obstacle that the protagonist must overcome. Protagonist –
The protagonist is the central person in a story, and is often referred to as the story’s main character. He/She (or they) is faced with a conflict that must be resolved. The protagonist may not always be admirable (e.g. an anti-hero); nevertheless he/she must command involvement on the part of the reader, or better yet, empathy. Irony - The Antagonist from the novel “The Boy In The Striped Pajamas.” is the Commandant. We think that the Commandant is the antagonist in this novel because he is the reason for most of the problems in this novel, such as moving to Auschwitz, and his job. The protagonist of this novel is Bruno. We think that the protagonist is Bruno because he is the main character and is faced with a lot of conflict. (which is what a protagonist is) Chapter One
Bruno Makes a Discovery Chapter Two
The New House Chapter Three
The Hopeless Case Chapter Four
What They Saw Through The Window Chapter Five
Out of Bounds At All Times And No Exceptions Chapter Six
The Overpaid Maid Chapter Eight
Why Grandmother Stormed Out Chapter Nine
Bruno Remembers that he Used to Enjoy Exploring Chapter Ten
The Dot That Becomes a Speck That Becomes a Blob That Becomes a Figure that Becomes a Blob Chapter Twelve
Shmuel Thinks of an Answer to Bruno’s Question Chapter Thirteen
The Bottle of Wine Chapter Fourteen
Bruno Tells a Perfectly Reasonable Lie Chapter Fifteen
Something He Shouldn’t Have Done Chapter Seventeen
Mother Gets Her Own Way Chapter Eighteen
Thinking Up The Final Adventure Chapter Seven
How Mother Took Credit for Something She Hadn't Done Chapter Eleven
The Fury Chapter Sixteen
The Haircut Chapter Nineteen
What Happened The Next Day Chapter Twenty
The Last Chapter Bruno was extremely disappointed with his family deciding to move away from Berlin. He feels that his new house is the complete opposite from his home in Berlin. It is the only house in that area and it is difficult for Bruno to adjust because there is three floors instead of five. Bruno explains all the awful things he think about this new house in Out-With and how much he detests it. Bruno tells Mother about how he thinks it was a bad idea to move, but he couldn't win. Bruno then went up to his room to help Maria unpack his things. When Bruno was in his room, he thought about how there are no kids to play with, then out of the corner of his eye something caught his attention. What Bruno saw made him feel cold and unsafe. This Prezi Has Been Created By:

Victoria McKay
McKenna Dumouchelle
Olivia Krampien One afternoon Bruno comes downstairs to see his friend Shmuel cleaning their dishes. But why? No one was around so Bruno gave Shmuel a piece of food because he knew that Shmuel was very hungry. Then Kotler came in and noticed that Shmuel has been eating but Bruno acts as if he hadn't ever seen Shmuel before so Shmuel was punished. Grandma wouldn't Want it A few days later they got a call from Grandfather letting them know that they've lost Grandmother. So they went to the funeral as a family. At the funeral Father put a small card within the flowers ( a sympathy note from the fury ) and Mother said something- Mother - " She wouldn't have wanted it."
Father - " But he did. " A Dinner Gone Bad! At dinner one night the Commandant had been questioning Lt. Kotler about his father , where he is and where he's from. Which made him angry and a bit uncomfortable. So when he had asked Pavel to pour some more wine and spilled it, Kotler took all his anger out by dragging Pavel out and physically beat him. This had afterwards implied that Pavel was killed that night. The Last Visit It was time for the family to soon move so Bruno payed one last visit to Shmuel. They both didn't want to see Bruno leave so Bruno thought why doesn't he help Shmuel escape but Shmuel wanted to find his father first. Chapter Summaries More Chapter Summaries Or Maybe Not Bruno went home to gather food and a shovel while Shmuel stayed in the camp looking for a pair of pajamas and a cap. When Bruno arrived back at the fence, he started digging then Shmuel passed over the pajamas. Bruno changed and left everything behind so he could crawl under. Where is He?? When Mother, Gretel, and Maria were about to leave they couldn't find Bruno so EVERYONE started searching including other soldiers. Mother, Gretel, and Maria noticed the door open to the backyard then the sandwich in the shed and after wards the window was open a crack. They followed the trail and found the hole under the fence along with the shovel and his clothes. Right then they knew what had happened. Meanwhile Father was in the camp along with the multiple soldiers following behind. The End ;( At this point Bruno and Shmuel were looking for Shmuel's father in their cabin when they were all shipped out for a "shower" so they thought. Really they were about to get gassed. Problems: Arguments between
Mother and Father Meeting Shmuel With Living Next To Auschwitz Concentration Camp Bruno has to decide whether he should go back to Berlin or if he should go exploring in the camp with Shmuel. Internal Conflict The Internal Conflict in this novel are...
Man vs Self - Bruno vs. Self
Man vs Society - Commandant vs Job
Man vs Environment -
- Shmuel vs. Army/Camp
- Bruno vs. Dad
- Grandma vs Dad
- Mom vs. Dad
- Bruno vs. Gretel External Conflict The external conflict is conflict that the main character enters into with others in the story, the world, outside forces such as war/ famine/ drought/ technology/ etc., Bruno thought that behind the tall fence there were thousands of children that were living on a “farm”. Today when he looked out of his window, he realized that not all of the people on the “farm” were all children, there were men of all ages, but no women. Bruno was shocked to see what he was seeing and when Gretel looked at it she couldn’t believe her eyes. Gretel didn’t believe Bruno when he said that there were a lot of kids nearby. After seeing that, both Bruno and Gretel agreed that those are not children they are going to be playing. They thought that it seemed that the children that they saw never took a bath. After Bruno and Gretel discussed things about the people on the other side of the fence, Gretel returned to her room and continued putting up her doll collection. Bruno had complained to everyone in the entire house about them moving here to Out-With, except for Father. Bruno wanted to talked to him about it, but Father had left a few days ago. Tears ran down his face. It was a long time before Bruno saw Father since they had been in Out-With. Downstairs in Father’s office, Father was holding a meeting with several other soldiers. Bruno heard the office doors open and when he did he rushed to see his father. When During the conversation that Bruno and Father had, Bruno talked about how much he didn’t like the new house, and he talked about the kids on the “farm. Father told Bruno that the children outside of his window were not people. After Bruno complained for a long time about the new house Father finally told Bruno to leave and to go up to his room. Bruno was lying in bed thinking and then he began to speak out loud to himself. Then Maria walked in to his bedroom. Once again, Bruno started a conversation about moving back to Berlin and how much he hated being here in Out-With. During this conversation Bruno called his father stupid and Maria stared at Bruno shocked and told him to never speak of his Father like that again. Maria shared a story about what Father had done for Maria and her family when they were going through rough times. After Maria told Bruno this, Bruno felt proud of his father. Gretel came in and interrupted their conversation and rudely told Maria to get a bath ready for her. After that their conversation ended. After many weeks of living in Out-With and of Bruno complaining about moving back home to Berlin, he decided it would be best for him to do something that he enjoys. Bruno went outside and saw a perfectly good tree to make a swing on. Bruno needed rope and a tire to do this. Bruno ran over to Lieutenant Kotler and asked if he could help him get the things he needs for a swing. Lieutenant Kotler than yelled for a man by the name of Pavel to come over. Kotler instructed to get Bruno whatever he needs and to carry it wherever he wants it. Pavel did as told and Bruno’s swing was then made. Bruno swung on his swing, but then he lost control and fell off. He had scrapped up his entire knee. Pavel was the only one who saw it so he took Bruno inside and cleaned and cared for it. One day Bruno came home from school, and he was surprised to see his maid, Maria, packing all of his things. He tried to remember if he did anything wrong but he could thing of nothing. He then went downstairs to ask his mother what was going on, and as he asked her, Bruno realized that the rest of the house was being packed into boxes too. Mother, Father, Gretel and Bruno all gathered in the family room and mother told everyone that they were moving away from their house. She said that they have to move because Father has to do a very special job. When Bruno found out that is was far away from his home he was very discouraged because he was going to be moved away from his friends, family, and his home. When Mother was finished speaking, Bruno went upstairs to help Maria pack his things because he knew that no matter how much he complained about moving, it was not going to change anything. Bruno's sister's name is Gretel. She is twelve years old. Bruno thinks of Gretel as a "Hopeless Case" and in the past Bruno has heard his parents call her "Trouble from Day One". When Bruno found out that he was moving, he was hoping that him, Mother, and Father were leaving and Gretel would stay behind to take care of the house. Later on Bruno ran into Gretel's room. He talked about the move and how much he disliked it. For once Gretel agreed and told him the name of the place they were living in was called Out-With. Bruno told Gretel about how much he missed his friend and that the children there looked different. Gretel was confused until Bruno showed her. Once Gretel looked out the window she knew exactly what he was talking about. Bruno missed his Grandmother and Grandfather very much. One thing that Bruno misses is him, Grandmother, and Gretel appearing on stage at every birthday, or holiday, performing a play that Grandmother had prepared. The last performance that they put on ended in disaster. It ended in disaster because on a Christmas get together, Father had become the Commandant. Everyone congratulated him and complimented his new uniform. Grandmother got very frustrated with everyone and stormed out of the house making a big commotion. After a few months of living in Out-With Bruno had started to get used to living in this new life. Father had decided that since everyone had become used to their new home he decided to hire Herr Liszt to teach Gretel and Bruno. Herr Liszt teaches Bruno and Gretel all about history. Bruno doesn't enjoy any of it.
After months of looking out the window Bruno remembered that he used to like exploring and that he should explore what he has been looking at through his window. Bruno first looked at the fence that read "Out-With Camp, June 1940". He then looked at the tall fence and continued on his journey trying not to remember what Mother and Father said about exploring and not to go too far with no exceptions. Bruno had been exploring the fence for a long time, and just about when he was going to turn back he noticed a little boy, his age, sitting at the fence. Bruno slowly walked up to him to say "Hello!" The young book looked up with these big, sad eyes and Bruno thought that he had never seen anyone so pale and skinny. Bruno sat on the opposite side of the fence and they talked to each other for a while. They discovered that they were the same age and had the same birthday. This little boys name was Shmuel. Bruno told Shmuel about how lucky he was to have so many friends. Shmuel realized that Bruno didn't understand and Shmuel decided to then tell Bruno about his life before he got to the camp. Bruno then told Bruno about how Berlin was great and how he missed his old home. After the long conversation that Bruno and Shmuel had, Bruno decided that he should get home and he said goodbye to his new friend and returned home. This chapter goes back a couple months, when Bruno and his family lived in Berlin. Father came home from working one day and announced that The Fury had invited himself and his soldier to dinner because he had something important to discuss with Father.
Thursday came and Father had to set ground rules for the children. They could not say a word unless the Fury said something first, no sliding down banisters, and they could not argue with one another. Soon after The Fury arrived. Everyone greeted The Fury when they walked in and then he marched everyone into the kitchen. The lady that was with The Fury stayed behind to talk to Bruno and Gretel. When the Fury called for her, she ignored him and continued to talk to the children. The Fury and Eva stayed for about two hours.
After the Fury left, Bruno heard Mother and Father arguing.They were arguing about moving away, but Bruno didn't catch on. A few months later they moved to Out-With. Bruno went back to visit Shmuel again one day. When Bruno first met Shmuel he asked Shmuel how the people one the other side of the fence ended up there. Shmuel told Bruno the answer to his question. Shmuel reflected on how he had gotten into the camp in the first place and he shares his story with Bruno. After he told Bruno the story of his life, in embarrassment he asked Bruno if he had any food on him. Bruno said that he didn't have any food and then Shmuel had to run back to the camp. Bruno yelled after Shmuel telling him that he would be back tomorrow and he then returned home. As Bruno was walking home he couldn't wait to tell his parents, but then decides it might be a good idea to keep it to himself. Everyday after Bruno finishes school he goes to visit Shmuel. Bruno was filling his pockets with food and he noticed some work that needed to be done by Pavel. Bruno asked Maria about how Pavel told Bruno that he used to be a doctor. Maria tells Bruno why, but she tells Bruno to keep it a secret.
Later on when Bruno goes to see Shmuel again Bruno tells Shmuel about Pavel and when Bruno tells Shmuel that he wants to be a soldier when he is older, Shmuel tries to explain the lifestyle that it is there. Bruno then says that he doesn't like one soldier, Lieutenant Kotler.
That night when Bruno returned home he found out that Lieutenant Kotler was staying for dinner. During dinner Bruno talked about how he disliked history which led to Father and Kotler having an argument. When Father began to talk about history he asked Kotler about history, but he says that he doesn't remember his childhood. Father continued to ask him questions, but he kept making up excuses. This caused them to be angry and to argue even more. Father then called for Pavel to bring the wine. Pavel had been very shaky and unsteady lately. He was very slow coming, but he slowly poured the wine into Father's glass with his shaky hands. Then whenn he went to pour wine into Kotler's glass, he accidentally spilled it. Kotler pulled Pavel into the hallway and beat him. Bruno, Gretel and Mother couldn't believe that Father didn't do anything to try and help the situation. Bruno decided that he should start keeping his mouth shut and keeping everything to himself. That afternoon Bruno met up at the fence with Shmuel again. Every time Bruno goes to see Shmuel he always complains about how lucky Shmuel is, but Shmuel disagrees every time. One day Bruno couldn't go see Shmuel because it was raining. Bruno was in his room trying to figure out something to do, when Gretel stormed in. Bruno then said "I should be with Shmuel right now" and Gretel then looked at him suspiciously. Bruno then had to tell his sister about his little friend, this way it would keep peace. Bruno told Gretel everything about Shmuel, how he met Shmuel, what happened to Shmuel, and what they talk about every day. Gretel then tells Bruno that he better be keeping this secret of his imaginary friend a secret or else people would think he has gone mad. After Gretel left he sat in his room and continued to think about Shmuel. Mother and Kotler were planning something for Father's uncoming birthday. Bruno decided to write a list of all the reasons why he doesn't like Kotler and all the things that Kotler hs done wrong. When Mother calls over to speak to Kotler in private, Bruno was sent to the kitchen. When he got to the kitchen he was surprised to see Shmuel. They were both so happy to see each other. Shmuel said that he was there because Kotler brought him there to clean dishes. Bruno then went to the fridge to get them both some food. When Bruno offered Shmuel some food, he hesitated because he was scared that Kotler would return. He decided to eat it quickly. Soon after Kotler entered the room and noticed that Shmuel had been eating. Shmuel the said that Bruno had given him the food and that they were good friends. Kotler turned to Bruno and asked if it was true. Bruno denied knowing Shmuel. Shmuel was then blamed for stealing and he was beaten by Kotler.
Later on Bruno realized that he had made the wrong decision. A week later Bruno had went to see Shmuel and he apologized. Bruno and Shmuel were great friends again. Shmuel reached under the fence with his hand. Bruno gently grabbed his hand. It was the first time they had ever been so close to each other. It had almost been a year since Bruno and his family had lived in Out-With. Father had gotten a call from Grandfather and he said that Grandmother had passed away. Bruno and his family had to return to Berlin for the funeral. It was a very sad day. When Bruno returned to Out-With he found out that Kotler had moved away. Since he moved Gretel decided to put her dolls away and put up maps of Europe.
One day Gretel was experimenting with Bruno's hair. As Gretel was doing this they talked about the differences between the two sides of the fence. Bruno asked many questions. At one of his last questions Gretel paused because she found something unusual. She found a tiny egg. She screamed and ran to Mother's room. Bruno and Gretel both ended up having lice. They both were treated and Father shaved Bruno's head. When Bruno saw himself in the mirror he realized that he looked like Shmuel. A few more weeks passed and it became noticeable of how much Mother disliked Out-With. Bruno understand her completely because that was how he felt before he met Shmuel. One afternoon Bruno overheard the loud and fierce argument between Mother and Father.
After this argument a few weeks passed. Father had been absent most of the time and Bruno spent a lot of time with Shmuel. One day when Father was finally home from work, he asked Gretel and Bruno how they felt about Out-With. Bruno said he was unsure either way and Gretel did not like it. Father decided to sent Mother, Gretel and Bruno back to Berlin while he finishes working in his important job. For a few days of Bruno going to see Shmuel, he wasn't there. Bruno was worried that he wouldn't be able to say good-bye to his friend. Finally one day Shmuel was there. Bruno told Shmuel that he was moving away. Before Bruno could continue Shmuel said that his father is missing. Bruno offered to tell his father, but Shmuel said it wouldn't be a good idea. Shmuel asked Bruno how long he would be gone, and Bruno said for a long time, almost forever. Bruno said that he would like to see what it's like on the other side of the fence. Shmuel reached under the fence and told him "Why don't you?" The decide that it would be good to help Shmuel find his father and that is a good way to say their final goodbye. The next day it was raining and Bruno was worried he would not be able to see Shmuel. The weather ended up improving, so Bruno made his way to the fence seeing Shmuel holding a pair of striped pajamas. Bruno put on the pajamas and then Shmuel pulls the fence up. Bruno then crawls under the fence and they were finally together. As the boys explored the camp Bruno decided that he didn't really like it there and thought that he should return home. Shmuel reminded him that he promised to help find his father, so Bruno stayed to help. They searched but could not find anything. The rain began to pour down again and the boys started to walk back to the fence when a whistle blew. Bruno and Shmuel were caught in the middle of a group and they were pushed somewhere. Bruno thought they were being pushed somewhere to be in safety. Shmuel was scared, so Bruno reached out his hand and grabbed Shmuel's. They were put into this room and were told to remove their clothing, so they could take a shower. These men and young boys were then locked into this metal room to take a "shower." Bruno had no idea of what was going on, when the lights when out. Chaos began and Bruno grasped onto Shmuel's hand tighter. Bruno was never seen or heard of again. Everyone was very scared and everyone, even soldiers, were searching for Bruno. He wasn't found. Instead of moving to Berlin, Mother stayed in Out-With to see if she heard of any news about her son. Eventually she decided to go back to Berlin. During the search for Bruno a soldier found Bruno's clothes pilled up at the fence. The soldier told Father and Father still couldn't figure out what happened to his son. It turned out that he was gassed in the "showers". The Commandant stayed in Out-With for a year longer. Thoughts of his son came and it ruined everything. Soldiers were sent to take Father away. He went without complaint because he said he didn't care what happened to him next. "Nothing like this
could every happen
again. Not in this
day in age." Something that occurs in a novel when one thing happens but another is meant to happen. Internal conflict often has to do with the main character and conflicts that he gets into mostly with himself and the problems that he has to resolve in order for the story to progress or end, The External Conflict is moving to Aushwitz and Bruno being naive about what is going on around him. Author's Theme- what the possible theme could be in the story: ignorance of the world around the characters being the biggest one. Author's Theme The Author's Theme in this novel is based on childhood. In this case Bruno's naive childhood. This is shown in many ways, like the quote at the beginning of this novel.

"Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights. Before the dark hour of reason grows. " ~John Boyne Symbolism Symbolism- are any items/ things in the story that are mentioned to represent one thing that possibly mean something else The symbolism of this novel is the striped pajamas. We think this because when Bruno and his family moved to Aushwitz, the first thing he discovered were the "farmers" in the striped pajamas. Throughout the novel Bruno continued to speak of these pajamas and he was very confused. The striped pajamas also lead to the resolution of this novel. Foreshadowing Foreshadowing happens in a novel when the author hints of things to come. Foreshadowing of this novel is when Bruno snuck into the concentration camp. That hinted that Bruno was going to die.
Another Foreshadow in this novel would be when the author hinted that Pavel was killed because the novel explained that it was an awful sight for everyone in Bruno's house and then Pavel was never spoken about after that. After Bruno snuck into the camp to help Shmuel find his father, rain began to pour down, and all the men were pushed into this room to take a "shower". All of the men were instructed to take off their clothes and they were then locked into a metal room. The "shower" was actual these men and young boys being gassed. The irony of this is the "showers actually meaning gas showers.
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