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How Does Social Media Affect People and Their Values?

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Emma Landy

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of How Does Social Media Affect People and Their Values?

The other side...
it has negative effects
it is a distraction
shows bad influences that can influence teens
woman are downgraded by the media
the use of social media leads to cyberbullying
two sides: positive effects and negative effects
contributes to the social normalities of of teens
it affects women and perceptions of them
contributes to cyberbullying
One side...
it is positive
connects people
shows consequences
can empower people in business
there are positive images for women
can be used for prevention of cyberbullying
I chose this topic because...
affects us as teenagers
is growing with the new technology
wanted to learn more about what can come from it
How Does Social Media Affect People and Their Values?
interesting because there was so much I never knew
little known fact: students score 20% lower if they are on social media while studying or doing homework
most surprising fact: the average American spends 3.2 hours on social media everyday
People should care...
because this is a huge part of society
could teach future generations about dangers and uses
Most correct side...
social media has negative effects
takes away from other more important things
By: Emma Landy
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