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The Black plague

No description

erika steinger

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of The Black plague

The Black Death
The Black Death
anchor video
The Black Death
In pairs, use the title, caption, and introductory text to create questions.
The Black Death
Oral CLose: Read along with me and fill in the words aloud. Be prepared to discuss what the article is mostly about.
React and write
I think the people who left their families (did/did not) do the right thing because
The Black Death
Do Now (5 minutes):
List the reasons why it is important to find ground zero when fighting an epidemic.
Lesson eq: What impact did the black death have on europe?
inquiry question: what was it like to fight an epidemic before the creation of modern medicine?
What is the main idea of the video?
What impact did the Black Death have on Europe?
Sample Question: What were the symptoms of the disease?

Vocabulary Target Word
Estimate (verb): To make a guess related to number, amount, or size.
- The initial estimate of deaths in the Philippines after the typhoon was 10,000 people.
I estimate that I
- Why is it significant that historians estimate the number of people killed by the Black Death?
(Historians have to estimate the number of people killed because...)
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