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Xerox - 30 60 90 Plan

No description

Yazeed Kanaan

on 4 August 2016

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Transcript of Xerox - 30 60 90 Plan

30 / 60 / 90 Business Plan
Yazeed Kanaan
30 / 60 / 90 Business Plan
30 Days:
Attend company training
Learn as much as possible through company training and self-education about corporate policies, company culture, products and services
Learn company CRM software
Meet and establish relationships with the sales team
Visit other departments to determine tasks/ relationships
Take note of product and service issues
Set goals for next 30 days.
60 Days:
Proceed with calling all accounts within my list, making sure I have called and visited each and every account before end of the month
Study Best Practices within industry
Establish short- and long-term goals
Seek and receive clear expectations from my management and make sure I clearly understand them
90 Days:
Confirm I am fully introduced to all of my accounts with full contact details
Prepare and initiate a development plan for each account according to the their current status and potential needs
Assure a monthly visit plan that covers all of my prospects existing accounts
Create a solid pipeline with up to measured closure certainty
Receive feedback from the management on my performance to date on work development areas
Make sure I am fully aware of all
products and services within my field of expertise
Good luck for all!
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