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No description

Shaelyn Keeley

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Infidelity

breaking a promise to remain faithful to a sexual partner. That promise can be marriage vows or two people in a monogamous relationship.
could also be an emotional affair - not just physical.
What is infidelity?
At least 78 per cent of men think cheating is never okay when you're married, while 84 per cent of women share that same opinion.
Approximately 25 per cent of husbands and 15 per cent of wives have had sex with someone else while married.
Difference between men and women
Ronnie and Charlie come together and have an affair.
Ronnie gets engaged to Aaron while having an affair with Charlie.
Charlie is married and has an autistic son.
All three relationships end badly and everyone is left alone.
Shows the positive and negative aspects of infidelity.
Discusses the idea of good vs. bad and making hard decisions.
Allows an inside perspective of a relationship and why people cheat.
Infidelity by Stacey May Fowles
Spouses cheat because of problems in their relationship - something is missing, passion has faded, partners feel lonely, people find someone who treats them better or who appreciates them more than their current spouse.
Cheating is in our human nature.
According to evolutionary psychology, it is "natural" for both men and women-at some times, under some circumstances-to commit adultery or to suddenly find a spouse unattractive, irritating, or wholly unreasonable.
Possible reasons for cheating
Shaelyn McBratney
Attraction comes in many different forms – it is influenced by one's physical appearance, one's social skills, and one's money. People, who have higher incomes, more education, and successful careers, are more likely to cheat than people who are less successful.
Couples who have separate social lives, friends, careers, travel plans, and so on are much more likely to cheat than couples who spend most of their time together.
Factors that influence people to cheat
Media and Infidelity
Social Media allows cheating to occur more easily and often - even allows an affair to occur without any real sexual acts occurring.
AshleyMadison.com - a website that matches up men and women who are in relationships (like a dating website)
Many movies revolve around cheating such as:
John Tucker Must Die
The Other Woman
Many books also revolve around cheating:
Accidentally on Purpose by L.D. Davis
Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin
Infidelity by Stacey May Fowles
Most men are still in love with their wives when they cheat.
Charlie is still in love with his wife Tamara throughout his affair with Ronnie. He does not want to leave his wife and is devastated when Tamara finds out and kicks him out.
Infidelity: facts relating to the novel
54 per cent of men who had cheated said that before the affair, they thought their marriage wasn't bad, or was even good. Just 34 per cent of women who had cheated felt the same.
Risk Taking
People who like to take risks or have a sense of adventure are more likely to cheat than people who are more fearful or timid by nature.
Power increases one’s confidence leading powerful individuals to act in more assertive and outgoing ways.
extramarital relations
Men have said that their reasons for cheating were often emotional, such as feeling disconnected from or under-appreciated by their spouses.
Cheaters often get friskier with their wives when affairs begin.
After Charlie and Ronnie's affair began, he began to give Tamara more affection and attention.
A cheater knows he's hurting the woman he loves, tearing his family apart and sacrificing his honor.
Charlie is well aware that he is going to be hurting Tamara and his son.
Men hate themselves after they affairs.
When Charlie gets kicked out he is distraught and a complete mess, living in a old motel and not shaving for days.
Infidelity can be extremely detrimental to a relationship, but it can also save marriages. Relationships sometimes become stronger after an affair. They also sometimes leave everyone alone with their lives in shambles. Think before you cheat.
People who have committed adultery
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