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Project Based Learning

USL Fall Conference

kristin risberg

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Project Based Learning

Inspiring Learning Through Projects:
5 Steps to Project Based Learning Begin your planning with:
- A project idea
- Selected Content Standards
- Plan for multiple skills, assessments & outcomes
-Create a community of learners Begin With The End In Mind Create The Driving Question Plan For Assessment Map The Project Timeline Manage the Process A Good Driving Question Will:
-Drive The Project
-Capture the Big Idea
-Assist In Mastering Standards & Skills
-Not Easily Solved Math Sample Questions Is it better to buy or lease a car?

How can hikers determine the shortest distance between two points? English Sample Questions How do we persuade others?
Why is Shakespeare still so popular? Science Sample Questions How should a bridge be designed for this site?

How can we stop the spread of infectious disease? History Sample Questions Could the British have avoided the revolution in the American colonies?

Will China be the next super power? Your Turn!
With a partner, collaborate to create your own content area driving question. Your Turn!
With groups of 4 to 6, use the chart paper to describe the end product of a successful project. When planning for assessments, we must ask ourselves:
- How well do the students know the content?
- How well have they mastered the skills?
- Did the students adequately apply their knowledge and skills to their product? Some projects may have 1 or more assessments. Tests & Quizzes Gallery Walk Presentations & Speeches Multimedia Projects Published Pieces of writing Successful Project Planning:
Organize Tasks and Activities
Decide How to Launch the Project
Gather Resources
Create a Timeline Share Project Goals
With Student Use Checkpoints
& Milestones Plan for Reflection
& Evaluation How do I scaffold the learning? How can I plan for the skills to complete the project? List the skills needed and the standards to be assessed.
Categorize the skills and standards into 3 categories: Already Learned, Taught Before the Project and Needs to Be Taught
List lesson ideas for the skills to be taught What activities and lessons will be used? Standards based lessons
Research activities
Activities to reinforce the skills, standards and project. How will I break down the project into manageable tasks? Break down large activities into a series of tasks Nicole Allison

Kristin Risberg
knr9101@lausd.net Use Problem-Solving Tools
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