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Copy of THE BET- Anton Chekhov

THE BET- Anton Chekhov

cookie monster

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of THE BET- Anton Chekhov

Short Story Seminar By: Sana, Eleri, Laroux, Govinda,Hamdi.
Anton Pavlovish Chekhov Setting: Characters: Plot: Social: The bet between the banker and lawyer about capital punishment, and which one is more humane.

Psychological: The lawyer suffered from loneliness and depression during his confinement, he also gets wiser and changes his attitude of the world. Banker doesn't want lawyer to have money, so he thinks about killing him. Takes place from 1870- 1885.
Dark autumn night (present time).
Rainy, windy (present time).
Use of Capital punishments
It was a Christian state.
Letters used for communication.
Banker's Lodge used for prison.
Candles used for light. Banker: developing-
Young, self-confident, rich, soiled, frivolous, proud, values social status and money, goes in debt, reckless, poor, deceitful, old, fearful, felt contempt of himself.

Lawyer: developing-
25 years old, wants two million, proud, enlightened, suffered depression, gains knowledge, yellow face, hollow cheeks, curly shaggy hair, skin drawn tight over bones, turns 40 years old. Intro: Banker hosts a party. People start talking about capital punishment and which one is more moral and humane.

Rise action: Banker stakes two million on a bet with the lawyer to stay in prison for five years. Lawyer accepts and changes terms from five to fifteen years.

Climax: Banker remembers that tomorrow at twelve o'clock the prisoner will regain his freedom. The banker visits the lawyer at night to kill him.

Fall action: Before killing, the banker reads a letter by the lawyer. The letter states how the lawyer studied earthly life and despises wisdom and the blessings of this world. He also writes about leaving five hours early to deprive himself of the money.

End: We learn the lawyer leaped out of the window and disappeared. The banker takes the letter and locks it up in fire proof safe. We assume the lawyer lived an ascetic life (intellectual life). Conflict: The Bet- Anton Chekhov January 29, 1860 - July 15, 1904.
He was a physician, story writer, and play writer.
He had Tuberculosis.
Went from Christianity to Non-Believer.
Major influences were: Turgenev, Cervantes, Schopenhauer, and Shakespeare.
Plays: The Sea Gull, Uncle Vanya, The Three Sisters, and The Cherry Orchard.
Stories: The Steppe, The Duel, and Misery.
Much of his writings show more than a casual interest in the liturgical calendar (seasons of the Christian year).
Chekhov also enjoyed a series of love affairs, one with the wife of a teacher.
He first wrote stories for financial gain. Theme:
Irony- five- fifteen years of prison for same amount of money.
Story emphasizes that the life of a human being is far more valuable than money.
Knowledge is better than materialism.
Life is about more than petty issues.
Human interactions are important for survival. Atmosphere:

Mood starts off dark and exciting, to depressing, loneliness, hate, and sadness.

Weather was rainy, windy and cold. Point of View: Third person omniscient.
Evidence of 3rd person;
(paragraph 1, line 1-5)
" It was a dark autumn night. The old banker was walking up and down his study and remembering(...) the death penalty. " Symbolism: Bet- greed
Money- materialism
Letter- freedom/ knowledge is more valuable.
Autumn night-nearing of death for young lawyer.
Window- human interaction
Lawyer- wisdom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfwPHjqjukk
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