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Revising your newspaper article

Steps in revising and editing your newspaper report

Winnie Pradhan

on 5 October 2011

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Transcript of Revising your newspaper article

Headline Alliteration - No Articles Fifth grader wins All-Star Asian Tournament Pun - Double Meanings Bone chilling discovery in Shatin school Newspaper article Structure IINVERTED PYRAMID Lead paragraph when, who, what, where, how HOOK - Add an interesting line to your
lead paragraph An alien yesterday kidnapped students
from the local HKBUAS school, spreading
panic in the school. Next paragraph Give the reader details - link them
to your lead paragraph items Include one or two quotes
"We are very proud of our students," said the principal of
the school Mr. Bulstrode. Use good verbs
complained Ending End with a quote or a catchy phrase to round up your article It is not a summary. Point your reader in the next direction "I have no doubt the crisis will be overcome," said Mr. Yamaha A student named David exclaimed, "It's impossible!". Past Tense - Check!! Sentence Structure Combining phrases to make one sentence Calmly and quietly, the students left the school. Mr. Jones is my teacher. he helped me with my homework.
Mr. Jones, my teacher, helped me with my homework. Write in third person
He, She, They, it Byline Don't capitalize everything It should not
be a story! Check - No I or We or Me Present tense
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