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Expeditors International

No description

Expeditors International

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Expeditors International

Expeditors International

"You'll be surprised how far we'll go for you."

Company Description
Expeditors International of Washington is a global logistics company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Services include air and ocean freight, consolidation, and forwarding, vendor consolidation, and cargo insurance. The flexibility and “go-the-extra-mile” mentality separates the company. A unique characteristic is that we have zero debt and we require all employees to wear business professional everyday.

Mission Statement
“To set the standard for excellence in global logistics through total commitment to quality in people and customer service with superior financial results.”

Our Promise
Our promise “You’ll be surprised how far we’ll go for you.” is not mere hype it is our commitment to exceed expectations of what companies expect from a global logistics provider.

Core Values
The core assets are the following:
Our people
Our systems
Our culture
Our customers.

Strategic Direction
Our strategic direction is “We want to succeed through organic growth, not acquisition, we give our clients and employees piece of mind knowing that their day to day business won’t be disrupted by merger pains.”

Strategic Infrastructure
Our SBU is that we are a non asset company their services include air and ocean freight consolidation and forwarding vender consolidation, customes clearance, cargo insurance, distribution. The core compentencies are Supply Chain, Transportation, Customs and Compliance, Order Management, and Risk Management.
Group Members:
Aylin Cokdegerli A45380593
Aaron Galer A42324564
Nicholas Baldus A43744516
Shali Tian A44663691
Gregory Jackson A43206218

Marketing Concepts and Information
Our Dominate Strategy
Customer Intimacy:
Service based company, everything revolves around the customer. Headquarters are based around where customers are located. We take time to understand each individual customer's needs.

E-Commerce and Social Media
E-Commerce: We have a web based E-Commerce platform called Expo that allows us to do business over the internet and aids our global service. Social media is nonexistant.
Porter's Five Forces
Our Key Product: Logistic Services
Psychological Factors:
1. Consumers realize they have a need for logistics services.

2. They search for information.

3. Consumers look at alternatives to the service that Expeditors provides.

4. They make the decision to use Expeditors

5. They evaluate our service and make the decision to stay or switch.

Understanding Consumers & Business
Customers will know that they are getting the best service (cognitive) based on results.

They will feel (affective) cared for based on our high customer service.

Customers will continue to use us based on the positive reaction they have from the results we produce (behavioral).
Satisfaction and Loyalty
We create satisfaction by having the best in class IT software.
We create loyalty by staying true to our motto: "You'll be surprised of how far we'll go for you."
Targeting & Positioning
Target Market
People who own manufacturing companies
Bilingual Americans
Individuals Who Own Real Estate Abroad
Marketing Strategy
Expeditors uses specialized services for each market segment and addresses the unique needs with IT services and customer services.
Postioning Map
Brand Awareness
Brand Loyalty
Perceived Quality
Brand Associations
Competitive Advantage
We are weak in brand awareness because we do not do much advertising.
We are high in brand loyalty due to retained customers.
We are high in perceived quality because customers see the brand as high quality and expensive.
We are at a moderate level in brand association since we do not advertise. However, our website does create a positive attitude.
We have a niche in the market with our service and offer high quality.
Marketing Mix Decisions
Goods and Services
Marketing Strategy
Credence Qualities:
Customers believe our service is of value and continue to purchase due to its trustworthiness.
Product Development
We continue to look at way to make our services and products as best as they an. For example, we developed a mobile app for carriers.
Integrated Marketing Communications
The primary IMC objective is to communicate value and to build relationships that are long lasting with customers, and have small turnovers.
New Product Development
New product development plays a medium role in the company because we try to cultivate it but it is not an overriding component of our product planning strategy.
Continuous Innovation
Our transportation services are always trying to be improved to meet customer demands. We also constantly update our software systems.
Dynamically Continuous Innovation
We dynamically continuously innovate the Expo, and we also do trade flow.
Discontinuous Innovation
Our company does some discontinuous innovation with the mobile app. We also have added a new branded service called Tradewin.
Mass communications
We do not do any mass communications besides Public Relations. We have a facebook and a linkedin page.
Personal Selling
Direct Sales
Our salespeople interact with other companies in order for them to buy our services.
Missionary Sales
Our employees influence purchases by specifying a service to other companies.
Price Competition
Price competition: We have high sensitivity to price competition due to the facts that we are highly influenced by the economy, and we have many competitors.

Differentiation: There is a moderate amount of differentiation in the industry based off of the limited amount of different IT strategization techniques.
Pricing Strategies
We believe our company uses value-based pricing. Prices are on the surface but our service goes beyond. Our prices are based on the value we offer to our customers.
Customer Value Propositions
Our company strives primarily for product leadership and customer intimacy.
Product Leadership
We are the leader in value in the field. Customers get exactly what they want when they want and continue to innovate to make products and services the best in the industry.
Customer Intimacy
We make customer intimacy a priority by getting to know the customers and understand what they want in order to help them achieve their goals.
Competitive Rivalry in an Industry
Potential Entrants
Intermediaries and Buyers
United Parcel Service
CH Robinson Worldwide
UTi Worldwide
Pacer International
Hub Group
Ralph Lauren
Steal Case
The threat of new entrants is high because there is not a large capital investment since it is a non-asset company.
Instead of using a third party logistics provider, a company could own its own transportation system.
Branding Strategy
Branding is mildly important. We do protect and copyright their brand; however, our competitors, such as UPS and FedEx, have stronger brands due to brand recognition
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