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Oxfam Unwrapped

No description

stacey harris

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of Oxfam Unwrapped

OXFAM UNWRAPPED What your effort has achieved..... Cast your
minds back.... If you remember, just before Christmas Mrs Lynn, started off the 2009 Oxfam Unwrapped scheme where you were all given the opportunitiy to contribute some money towards purchasing gifts for disadvantaged people across the world. In total the school raised £1066.20. What Each Year
Group Contributed Yr 7 - £133.4
3 buckets
Safe water for 20
Health check ups
Medicine for a whole villiage

Yr 8 - £214.72
A well
5 family emergency meals + food, vaccines and first aid.
A cow
A toilet and a rainwater collection system Yr 9 - £141.97
Safe water for 30
2 wells
School supplies
Health check-ups
A goat
Give girls a head start (clothing + books etc..) Yr 10 - £116.61
Care for 6 families in an emergency
Safe water for 20
Feed a family
Give girls a head start
10 bags of seeds
Yr 11 - £225.81
Safe water for 40
2 wells
Train a teacher
Train a farmer
Feed a family
A goat
Solar panels
Yr 12 - £177.36
2 goats
Safe water for 10
A toilet
Train a teacher
Health check-ups
Animal care + vaccination + medicines + veternary training Yr 13 - £56.30
5 bags of seeds
2 rainwater collection systems
Give girls a head start history !!!
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