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Steering Strategy with Metrics - Agile Australia 2017

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Mark Richards

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of Steering Strategy with Metrics - Agile Australia 2017

Steering Strategy,
Sustainability and
System-Level Optimization
with Program Metrics
For every metric, there should be another 'paired metric' that addresses the adverse consequences of the first metric

Andy Grove

“Managers shape networks’ behavior by emphasizing indicators that they believe
will ultimately lead to long term profitability”
– Philip Anderson, Seven Levers for
Guiding the Evolving Enterprise
First time delivery
Increased first call
resolution rate for
truck rolls
Payment Lead Time
fault-related calls to
call centers
"Organizational culture can be a major asset or a damaging liability that hinders all efforts to grow and become more successful. Measuring and managing it is something few companies do well."
Mark Graham Brown, Business Finance Magazine
“Changing the system starts with changing your vantage point so you can ‘see’ the system differently ... The challenge in creating an effective and efficient development system lies in shortening the entire process.”

Dantar Oosterwal, The Lean Machine.
Inspection does not improve the quality, nor
guarantee quality. Inspection is too late. The quality, good or bad, is already in the product”
- Deming

“Base controls on relative
indicators and trends, not on variances against plan” –
Bjarte Bogsnes

We need to grow and
more successful
The quality good or bad is
already in the product
Full detail at http://bit.ly/2jk2VoR
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