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English Standard 'Distinctly Visual'

No description

Hollie Bauer

on 5 June 2011

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Transcript of English Standard 'Distinctly Visual'

Standard English
Module A: Experience through language
Distinctively Visual, Assessment Task 4 What is Distinctly Visual?
Key Concepts and ideas based on the HSC Syllabus:
Knowledge and understanding of:
Relationships between texts and contexts.
Cultural reference in text.
Relationships between purpose and structures of texts.
Language forms and features of texts.
Develop skills in:
Inresponding to and composing a range of texts.
Effective written, spoken and visual communication for a variety of purposes and audiences.
Flexible and critical thinking.
Individual and collaborative learning.
Reflecting on and critically evaluating the purposes and effects of language. Students in their answering and putting together students discover the ways the pictures we view and visualise in texts are produced.
Students contemplate how the forms and language of diverse texts produce these images, affect interpretation and understanding and form meaning.
Students examine one prescribed text, as well as other texts giving examples of the Module A distinctively visual. So What is Distinctly Visual? What is Viewing? Viewing :
Knowledge and understanding of and skills in:
critical and cultural literacy in viewing film, mass media and multimedia products
responding to contemporary language in the mass media
discerning connotations in words, sounds and images in the mass media
discerning values in mass media products. Brief Overview of
Run Lola Run Manny who was in a smuggling job had the responsibility to collect the payment of 100,000 Deutsche Marks , however due to his girlfriend Lola being late to pick him up, Manny uses public transport to transfer the money to the German mob boss Ronnie. But due to Manny’s high anxiety and stress level on the train once he see security guards he accidentally leaves the money on the train. Absolutely desperate, Manny calls Lola to help him find the cash to get him out of trouble. Now Manny and his girlfriend Lola have 20 minutes to gather 100,000dm or confront the fatal consequences his boss with hand out to him. Lola has 3 attempts by going back in time to retrieve the money, with chance, fate and timing playing a vital part in the result. Brief Overview Of Related Text:
The Lake House
Directed by: Alejandro Agresti The lake house is about two people; Kate and Alex. Kate is a doctor moving out of her home (The Lakehouse) due to career pressure, she leaves a note for the next tenant, Alex an architect. They begin a correspondence through the letter box and soon come to realize that they are compatible, but find out somehow that they are living two years apart; Kate in 2006 and Alex in 2004. It is about, time, fate and chancew, much like Run Lola Run. analyse how the text, through close reference to at least TWO scenes in Run Lola Run, explores how our perceptions of relationships with others and the world are shaped in visual language. Two Sequences Chosen are:
The first red scene &
Manni and Lola running away from the robbery. They both manage to escape the robbery, as this is happening there are shots of Manny and Lola both running in slow motion with the very slow, old fashioned song of ‘What a difference a day makes’ making the situation ironic as the song opposes the circumstances, being slow and relaxing unlike the situation, as it is one of the main climaxes of the film, but somehow, the lyrics link and relate and seem appropriate. As Lola and Manny attempt to flee from the police the camera circles around them emphasizing the hectic feelings they must be feeling.
The next sequence of the first red scene is shot with red film to depict everything as being red. During this time Manny and Lola are depicted naked together in bed emphasizing a intimate moment discussing their relationship. The camera is close up highlighting the closeness between the two. The red tint is used to make prominent feelings of passion and intimacy making obvious their close knit relationship. This scene is essential to show the passion between the couple and lets the audience feel familiar with the characters and understand why Lola would run the way she does to get to Manny to try and aid him. The action returning to Lola dying on the ground has close up and overhead camera shots. The red scene assists the audience to feel passionate and enthused at the scene where Lola is dying. Without the previous scene the audience may not know or understand Lola and Manny’s relationship well enough to be fully stimulated by the shooting and Manny’s heartbreak. The scene is edited by the red bag of money flying up in the air (red being symbolic in the tint in the red scene and the bag representing the perception of relationships) •Examine ONE related text which also explores Distinctively Visual and justify how it could be used by students to further their understanding of the Module. In my English assignment I chose the program Prezi to communicate my ideas across to the audience. Prezi made my information more clear cut and obvious to the reader to determine what point I am trying to get across. Being able to use photos in my presentation allows the audience to understand more about what I am talking about and become familiar with the texts. I think I have been very successful in creating a usefull resource for present and future HSC students as I talk about what the board of studies expects from standard students along with how our perceptions of relationships with others and the world are shaped in visual language and how another it could be used by students to further their understanding of the Module. Showing a clear example of what students are expected to do in this module. Reflection Statement The LakeHouse by Alejandro Argresti is a great film which relates to Distinctively Visual and the film Run Lola Run as it uses the same colour technique and use of red to emphasise the relationship of Kate and Alex in the film. For example in her clothing (red scarf, tops and clothing) as well as the red flag with a with pale and dull backround make evident that this is an essnetial to making known their passionate relationship, regardless of the fact they live two years apart. The red flag on the letter box shows the passion and growing and loving relationship shown through their communication. The lakehouse is a great related text for students to use as it is obvious the links and thematic techniques of red and time used to emphasise the relationship of the main characters
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