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Radio Drama Proposal

No description

Ellie Norman

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Radio Drama Proposal

Radio Drama Proposal. Paper Bagged. Audience and Genre Programme Synopsis When and Where? men and women aged 40 plus

Influenced by shows such as:
Are you being Served?
Allo!! Allo!!
All creatures great and small
The Fast Show
Fawlty Towers Themes These old shows included the themes of:

Everyday life

and also can include:
sexual innuendo, misunderstandings, mistaken identity and occasional slapstick. These help to add humour to the ups and downs of everyday life. I want my show to follow the life of a British green grocer trying to run his shop in 1960 Britain. He has to battle with his wifes dry humour and his sons new 'identity'

Useable Plot lines based on events in 1960:
1961 - First man in space
1966 - England won the football World cup
A loaf of bread was 5p
CoCo Pops were launched in 1961.
Ice lollies and choc ices on sticks became very popular
Dr Who first appeared on television during the 60s.
1963 - Ring pull can BBC Radio 4

In the evening, 8 or 9 o'clock at night.

Chilled out time - something a listener can tune in to before going to bed.

Makes it easier to follow the story as it is at a hard time to miss as you would not normally be out of the house at this time. How? Most of the speech in my
drama will be one person to another, so recording my drama on either one omni directional microphone and having the voice actors all stand and move in the way they would in a shop like environment.


Use one cardioid microphone for each voice actor recording the audio of each at the same level and editing in post production.
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