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brent richardson

on 12 July 2010

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Transcript of energy

Geothermal What is the earths core what does geothermal mean Geothermal energy is a form of renewable energy that is not dependent on the Sun, but on heat
that comes from deep below the surface of the Earth in the layer called the mantle. Molten rock
from the mantle can rise in places bringing the mantle’s heat nearer the surface and can sometimes
even erupt onto the surface as volcanoes. In certain places, like Bath with its famous hot spring
baths, natural mineral water can percolate deep down beneath the surface until it gets near to hot
areas, is heated up and then returns to the surface as natural hot springs.

Beneath the mantle is the Earth's core. The Earth's core consists of a fluid outer core and a solid inner core. Because the outer core contains iron, when it flows it generates a magnetic field. This is the source of the Earth's magnetic field.
the earths core not a apple core newzealand wairakei geothermale power staiton warning lots of info the goods and bads of geothermal Geothermal energy does not produce any pollution

Advantages Running costs for a geothermal power station
are very low
Disadvantages • It is difficult to find suitable sites to put a
geothermal power station
• If not carefully managed, a borehole can
‘run out of steam’ and may not be useable for
several decades
• Dangerous gases and minerals can come out of
a borehole, which may be difficult to dispose of

Environmental Impact To combat global warming and the other problems associated with fossil fuels, the United States must switch to renewable energy sources like sunlight, wind, and biomass. All renewable energy technologies are not appropriate to all applications or locations, however. As with conventional energy production, there are environmental issues to be considered. This paper identifies some of the key environmental impacts associated with renewable technologies and suggests appropriate responses to them. A study by the Union of Concerned Scientists and three other national organizations, America's Energy Choices, found that even when certain strict environmental standards are used for evaluating renewable energy projects, these energy sources can provide more than half of the US energy supply by the year 2030.

how it works Is It Widely Acepeted This engery Source is
not widely avalible as
you have to find the right
place to put this
engery power plant THE END!!!!!!! not over yet By Adam Wood
Joe Wight
Brent Richardson
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