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Copy of Show02_2D Metro Tile Style Template

레터릭쇼 rhetoricShow@naver.com 프레지디자인북

charlse shin

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Show02_2D Metro Tile Style Template

1 2 can be move, objects and scaled rotated 3 can be connected by All objects path 4 connected to path Objects full view when shown will be displayed in Information optimized 4:3 aspect ratio 5 connected to path will maintain level The rotated objects when shown 6 can be edited Objects pencil icon in Zebra tool with the 7 Grouping objects with frame in the same level of hierarchy ; preventing motion sickness and monotonous repetition 8 vector image for the background & zoom, Using usage for the foreground bitmap 9 frame of when beam projector is used Utilize the 4:3 aspect ratio 10 portable Prezis offline file, at the presentation Use zoom into the details, zoom out to the big picture ! 발표자: 신건철 청소년 미혼모의 양육결정에 관한 연구 발표목차 표목차 1. 문제제기 2. 연구목적 및 질문 3. 문헌고찰 4. 연구방법 부록: 동의서 및 심층질문 문제제기 1. 개방화된 성문화 3. 성경험의 저연령화 2. 청소년 성경험 증가:100명중 3명
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