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Authors Purpose Game

No description

Brittany Vandergriff

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Authors Purpose Game

McDonalds french fries are so good and tasty, you can enjoy them with some juicy chicken nuggets and a sprite! You should come out to McDonalds and try some today! In the forest, alot of the trees have tiny holes. Those holes may be caused by a woodpecker. Inform Authors write to: Rosie the Robot Loves Author's Purpose!
>Inform (I)
Give us information about a specific topic
>Persuade (P)
To try and talk us into doing something or thinking a certain way
>Entertain (E)
to tell us a story, or to make us laugh. Read the purpose statements along with me and write what you think is the author's purpose on your white boards. If the purpose is to entertain, write an E on your board. If the purpose is to inform write an I. If the purpose is to persuade, write P. Ready?
Here we go! poof! Persuade Swoosh! Persuade Great job!
Hope you had fun! Come back and play again! I P P "Do you know what I want? What I've wanted for forever... at least since last Tuesday?
A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh don't worry, I'll take care of it. I promise i'll water it once a month! Entertain
P Hey! Look! I got a walrus! Isn't he cute! His name is Henry. He loves Starbursts too! Dear Santa,

I really really want this beautiful dress from the mall. It is so lovely. I would look really pretty in it. I've been really good this year. I work very hard at my job, I practice my patience and I take good care of my family.

Mrs. Rich Jimmy the mouse was bored one day,
to have some fun, he climbed in Sara's lunchbox
and off to school with her he went. Soon it was
lunch time, and Sara opened her lunch box and screamed!
Soon everyone started to scream and they ran out of the cafeteria. Jimmy the mouse was giggling as
he looked around and everyone was gone. He then
had a wonderful afternoon in the
cafeteria, enjoying all the yummy
food that was left behind. Entertain E
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