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Tattoos on the Heart

No description

dustin brennan

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Tattoos on the Heart

Tattoos on the Heart
Chapter 8. Success
In the beginning of the chapter, Gregory asks, what is success and what is failure? What is good and what is bad? Are you, in the end, successful?
In the book, Gregory says that success is measured on how much faith you have.
The main success story is about a woman named Soledad, a mother of four. Two of her kids, Ronnie, and Angel are killed by gang members in the last two years. She was devastated but she was still faithful because of the two children she still had. One day, Soledad was sent to the hospital for an irregular heartbeat. While in her hospital bed, a kid is being rushed through because he was shot. But, this was the boy that took the life of one of her sons. She prayed that he wouldn't die because she did not want that boys mom to go through the same thing she did. He lived.
Success has many different meanings. To some people, success involves money. To others, it might involve living or being able to eat everyday. However, to Gregory Boyle, you are successful if you have faith.
Book Overview
Catholic Priest, Gregory Boyle is the founder of Homeboy Industries.
He devotes his life to help gang members in Los Angeles.
He is assigned to be a pastor at Dolores Mission Church, which is in the center of gang activity.
"We are not called to be successful, but faithful."
Chapter 8 has little success stories. In fact, death is mainly talked about.
Scrappy and Raul, who are the people that paint over graffiti, get shot and killed.
So where does success fall into all of this?
An example is when a female gang member confronts him and talks about this dream she had. In the dream there was white doves which was a symbol of peace. Gregory gives her advice, and tells her that nothing good comes out of being in a gang. Then later on he sees her in a car with many male gang members.
Even after he told her all of this, just to find her in a car with gang members, he still has faith in her.
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