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What is the history of the Paralympic Games? IRT

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Molly Mcgrath

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of What is the history of the Paralympic Games? IRT

What is the History of the Paralympics? Information Report Did you know that the Heidelberg Games were the first official games to be held in Europe ? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Narrative Oscar Pistorius :) The Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games introduced a new set of athletes The Paralympics were first filmed in 1976 but this footage was delayed and ony released to one nation or so Paralympic Games media coverage At the 1992 Paralympic Games in Barcelona there was over 45hours of footage of the Games but it was only broadcasted and available in Europe There was no meaningful improvement of footage of the Paralympic Games until the Sydney 2000 Games. These Games represented a very significant global media exposure of the Paralympics. A deal between the Sydney Paralympics Organising Committee (SPOC) and the All Media Sportt (AMS) allowed the Paralympic Games to be broadcasted internationally. Deals between South America, Asia and European broadcasting companies to distribute coverage of the Paralympics to any markets possible were made. Louise Sauvage 'My Story' 41 to 50% believed that the 2010 Winter Paralympic Games in Vancouver, Canada triggered more accessibility to buildings, sidewalks and public spaces ' In China the Games were really a transformation tool for changing attitudes across the board of China towards people with disablities, to building more accesible facilities in the city' Did You Know? Fine Arts 18th of the 7th 2012 I am a bit nervous to start I.R.T but I do have things in mind of what I could do. It helps having a swim coach as a mum because she is going to the Paralympics with her swimmers! I think I have my question but I need to broadened it up a bit, right now my question is What is the History of the Paralympics? now that I have started writing this log I have become rather eager to start my I.R.T.! I have so many ideas in my head right now, interviews, films but there is one thing I really want to find out about first! which is what did people think about the Paralympic Games when they started? did anybody know about them? I reckon I might have some trouble with this topic because I might not get some information that I need. one thing I'm not to sure about is what I will do for my Fine Arts, a film? photos? art? I would like to somehow do a combination of these three. Journal Entries 18th of the 9th 2012 I have been soooo busy in the last couple of days, touching up bits of my speech and prezi! that's why I have not been writing journal entries. Sorry journal please forgive me :) It is two days before my presentation and I am kinda of nervous now that I will stuff up or Jaden will press the button to early and the prezi will get all mixed up! (sorry Jaden) but yet I am confident that when I am talking I won't go too fast. All I really need to do know is print my handout out and make sure Jaden knows when to press the space bar and practice it over and over again! My mum come back from overseas yesterday andhas gotten a bunch of stuff that I can have on display when I'm presentating. This is my last journal entry for I.R.T. which I'm happy about because I don't have to worry about anything or remember anything now. I WILL MISS YOU JOURNAL
P.S. see you never again! Thankyou for Listening and Watching! Are there any Questions? THE PARALYMPICS Katrina Porter
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