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Main Ideas and Details and Text Features

No description

Adicia Paschal

on 30 July 2018

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Transcript of Main Ideas and Details and Text Features

Main Ideas, Details, and Text Features
Why is it important to teach identification of Topic?
Why is it important to teach identification of Main Ideas?
Why is it important to teach identification of Details?
Expository Text
What is Expository Text?
Steps to Identification
What are Text Features?
The topic is the focus of the piece.
It is the most important element because it tells us what we are reading about. It can usually be summed up in one word.
example: Breakfast
Students must identify the topic quickly to comprehend the text in front of them.
Students that can identify main ideas, improve their ability to answer questions and identify important information.
The main idea stems from the topic and is the general idea of what the text is about. It is usually a full statement.
example: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The essential details support the main idea and help with overall comprehension.
Ask these questions:

-What is this sentence or paragraph about?
-What do most of the key words seem to point to?
-What words occur most frequently and what do they
relate to?
-What idea is related to most of the supporting details?
-What sentence would best summarize?
-Is the main idea stated or implied?
-Where is the main idea located in the paragraph?
To inform, describe, or define a subject to a reader.
Text that explains or
describes a topic.
What's the Main Idea?
Text Features
BOLD- Thicker than others to show importance

ITALICS- Words are slanted to show emphasis

HEADING- Division of a section

SUB HEADING- Subsection to further inform a reader

CAPTIONS- A description of a picture or illustration

SIDEBAR- Direct a reader to more information

GRAPHS- Use pictures & symbols to show information
What is my name?
By: Mrs. Paschal
Aug. 8, 2013.

Their purpose is to help us understand the information presented.
Authors use text features to bring attention to important details.
Roe, Stoodt, and Burns. Wadworth Cengage Learning, 10th edition, 2007.


Types of Expository Discourse

Mrs. Paschal.
My first name is Adicia.

Never Lie

How to Raise your hand after Mrs. Paschal asks
the Class a question...

ALWAYS raise your hand

1. Hold (1) finger up if you get it and you are ready to share with the class the answer.

2. Fingers if you know the answer or are pretty sure your are right but really don't want to share with the class right now. Please, call on my next time.

3. Fingers if I have no clue...I am not understanding....I don't get it.

4. Fingers I am on Mars. I did not even hear the question. Please get me back to what we are learning today in class on Planet Earth.

Listen to "How Heat Hurts" ... Please follow along.
Use your graphic organizer to help you determine what the main idea and supporting ideas are in the expository text.
Get out your white board and marker...
We are going to play
"Name that Main Idea."
Students should be able to identify the details throughout the text AND should be able to differentiate the essential details from the non-essential details.
Happy New Year! People say this all over the world; however not everyone celebrates this day in the same way. In Iceland, New Years Eve is a time to clean up trash and perform elf dances. Families in Ecuador dance around scarecrows and read lists of people's faults. Later, when they set the scarecrows on fire, they believe that both their scarecrows and their faults go up in flames. In Belgium, children write down the good deed they hope to perform the next year. Chinese and Japanese people get off to a good start by paying all their debts. (That means they pay any money that they owe to people.) How do you celebrate the New Year?
Different New Years Celebrations.
In Iceland, New Years Eve is a time to clean up trash and perform elf dances.
People in Ecuador read lists of people's faults.
In Belgium, children write down the good deeds they hope to perform the next year.

You can do this!!!
Do you have your graphic organizer in front of you and is your brain awake?
Get ready to read an expository text. Then use your graphic organizer to identify the Main Idea and supporting details.
how snakes move in many different ways.
some snakes can climb trees.
snakes can side wind throwing the front of their body to one side.
explain and describe the different ways snakes move.
Arrange the sentences in the best order to create the best paragraph.

Find the one sentence that does not belong because it is irrelevant. Pull it.

Find the misspelled words and be ready to talk about them.

Combine sentences to make one sentence using a conjunction such as, and \ or.
Paragraph Puzzle
The different parts of a tree all work together to help the tree grow.
Leaves make food for the tree from water, air, sun,and chlorophyll.
From the roots the water goes into all parts of the tree.
The roots carry water into the trunk of the tree.
The branches carry water to the leaves.
Tomatoes are classified as fruit not a vegetable.
The trunk carryes water to the branches.
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