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Back to school night

No description

Mary Ash

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Back to school night

La Tarea
We will use VISTAS, Introducción a la Lengua Española (3rd Edition). This course has three levels:

-Level I: Chapters 1-5 (6th grade)
-Level II: Chapters 6-10 (7th grade)
-Level III: Chapter 10-14 (8th grade)
In Class:
We will do different activities such as conversation, reading comprehension and dictation, writing paragraphs, and role plays. We will do projects, skits, songs, games which help students learn Spanish and learn about Spanish culture.

Homework policies are included in the letter sent home.

1. There will be
homework every class

2. Homework will be written on the whiteboard and it can be found on the Portal.

3. Homework is self corrected.

4. Credit is given for effort.

5. Students are responsible for making corrections.

6. All assigned exercises require writing in
full sentences
to get
full credit

We will have one test at the end of each chapter (Usually 60-100 exam points.)

We will have short quizzes while covering the chapters (Usually 20-30 exam points.)

We will have a few individual and group projects during the year (20-100 exam points.)

Thank you very much for taking the time to attend Back to School Night.
Salar de Uyuni
Perito Moreno
Platanos frítos
Día de los muertos
Ojo de Dios
Huichol art
I want all my students to be successful and confident in learning and speaking Spanish. If a student is doing all of his /her work and trying hard but still he /she needs extra help, I will be more than happy to help. I am available during morning break, lunch, or after school (by appointment only.)

Welcome to Mrs. Sánchez's SPANISH CLASS
ON TIME homework
: Gets stamped, and full credit.

INCOMPLETE homework:
Gets letter "I" and partial credit.

LATE homework:
Gets letter "L" and partial credit (before chapter test,) no credit after that.

No credit, :(

I value parents’ input; please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

E-mail: msanchez@stratfordschools.com
Phone: 408- 626 0001 ext. 36
Room 203
Team work is the key
Working together makes a difference for your student
What can you do to help your student?
Make sure they
their grammar/vocabulary at least 10 minutes per day and that they bring their material to class.
Check they do their
Check the
at least once a week.
Don't panic if you see a
on an assignment! Please have the student come see me.
For absences the student have the same number of days they were absent to complete their assignments. Remember that it is the
student responsibility
to make up tests/quizzes and to turn in assignments/projects.
Remind them that
is a
core subject
; it means the grade they get will affect their
Remind them how
it is to learn a
foreign language
Landfill Harmonic
Escuelas en latinoamerica

Vivir Mi Vida (Marc Anthony)
El Humahuaqueño
Paco De Lucía Flamenco
Taquito Militar (Mariano Mores)
Milonga de De Mis Amores (Martin Ghersa
Cielito Lindo Mariachi Vargas
El nacimiento del Charango
language is the
second most
used language in the
United States
There are
more Spanish speakers
in the
United States
than there are speakers of Chinese, French, German, Italian, Hawaiian, and the Native American

languages combined
According to the 2010 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau,
is the

at home by almost
37 million
people aged five or older.
75% Test, Quizzes and Projects
25% Homework, Class work and Class Participation
We will be using Class Dojo
And Students and Teacher Points.
Class Management
Personalize them
Class Dojo
Source: Wikipidia
is part of the process of
a new
La Maza (Mercedes Sosa y Shakira
How to:
* Greet people in Spanish.
* Describe themselves.
* Express their likes and dislikes.
* Say the date and time in Spanish.
* Describe their families.
* Describe what they are doing now.
* Describe what they are going to do.
* Use direct object pronouns.
* And much more.

What your student is going to learn in this class:
6Th grade
7Th grade
8Th grade
How to:
* Use indirect object pronouns and double object pronouns.
* Express what they did in the past.
* Use indefinite and negative words.
* Use comparisons and superlatives.
* Talk about their daily routines.
* Use the imperfect tense.
* And much more.

* National Spanish Exam Preparation.
How to:
* Use the imperfect and the preterite together.
* Use Adverbs.
* Use commands.
* Use por and para (for) in a sentence.
* Use reciprocal reflexives.
* And much more.

* National Spanish Exam Preparation.
* High School challenge test preparation.
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