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Are Enzymes Reusable?

No description

Vanessa Medina

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Are Enzymes Reusable?

Are Enzymes Reusable?
Focus Question...
Potato Skin Lab
In this experiment, catalase was being used to react with hydrogen peroxide to produce Oxygen and water.
Do you think enzymes are reusable?
Quick Definition
Reusable- to remain unchanged after the reaction
Answer is...
Enzymes are reusable because they are not changed by the reactions that they catalyze
Enzymes only speed up a chemical reaction without being chemically changed
If denaturation occurs (extreme temperature change or pH changes), the enzyme will not be reusable!
The structure of the enzymes are not changed. As a result of this, enzymes will be used again and again to bind onto another substrate molecule and catalyze the reaction once again. This process will keep going until there are no more substrates to bind to.
By : Vanessa Medina
In other words...
"In enzyme reactions, as in all chemical reactions, matter and energy are conserved."
"In living things, enzymes are not used up once they catalyze a particular reaction, they may be reused."
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