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E-Marketing Plan: The Center For Just Living

Marketing on the internet

Selamawit Solomon

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of E-Marketing Plan: The Center For Just Living

Part I
Increased traffic
100 daily visitors by September 2014
Part II
Promote a better brand recognition
Part III
Marketing Strategic Planning
Target Market : students
Behavior: Shy!
Social media
Phone and text Message marketing
Email Marketing
One to One
Situational Analysis

Evaluation Plan
Center For Just Living
E-Marketing Plan

Ka Bao Thao
Selam Solomon
Marat Kudaibergenov
Evaluation tactics
Google analytic- Irrelevant
Email surveys
•Google Alerts
Best fit phrases for Google Alerts
College of St. Scholastica - Clubs
College of St. Scholastica - Social Justice
College of St. Scholastica - Service Learning
Diversity in Duluth
Target Market
Collaboration with other Departments
Effective Communication Tools
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Phone Marketing - App
Non-Digital Marketing
Main Marketing Tactic - Social Media
Marketing Intern as part of the Student Employee
Cost of having an Intern $480 a year
What is the Center for Just Living?
Located at the College of St. Scholastica on ground floor, right
next to the Intercultural center.
Example of a "in-progress" logo for the CJL
A place where students can socialize and hangout.
The CJL houses all "social justice" clubs on campus.
Hosts and attends a lot of social justice and diversity events.
SWOT Analysis
Only forty-percent of the students are involved in the CJL.
Sixty-percent have no idea what the CJL is all about.
The only students that know about the CJL are students that are involved within the Social Justice Clubs and/or are a student of color.
The CJL does not have an effective approach in promoting their brand.
The only advertising that is promoting the CJL brand is the internet.
The room is very limited of space.
The CJL welcomes everyone.
The CJL is a very diverse environment.
The CJL is very motivated in supporting social justice and diversity promoting events.
The CJL highly encourages students to be involved within their social justice/human rights events.
The CJL can expand on portraying more images of people experiencing their involvement in volunteering projects and/or other social justice projects.
The CJL can provide more information about the different kinds of social justice clubs around campus and why they strongly promote many social justice awarenesses.
The CJL can expand on marketing their brand through e-marketing and creating more visual marketing advertisements.
The CJL can promote its brand by creating more advertising through social media.
The CJL could expand physically by having more space.
Only sixty-percent of students at The College of St. Scholastica know about the CJL.
The CJL does not promote much advertising besides having a website and Facebook page.
The Student Activities and Campus Ministry provide more noticeable and available information to other students than the CJL’s resources and services.
Outside or Institutional politics may not always support mission on the CJL.
Jay Newcomb, the coordinator of the Center for Just Living (CJL)
Establish the awareness of the CJL brand and bring more student involvement within the CJL.
Overall, we would like to achieve the CJL's goals by the strategies and tactics that we proposed. By following our Marketing plan, the CJL will come closer to increasing foot traffic and making its brand more noticeable.
Thank you!
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