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Introduction to Sport Science Support

No description

Grant Ormerod

on 16 November 2011

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Transcript of Introduction to Sport Science Support

Issues and Practices Module Outcomes Identify the roles of the sport science support team Describe current research and practice in relation to sport science support Assess the ethical constraints involved in sport science support provision Plan and implement a sports science support service for student athletes Lesson Learning Outcomes 1. Overview of the Unit MIP 2. Introduction to the world and works of Sport Science Support 3. Introduction to BASES Why Sport Science? How would you define SSS? What would you consider to be the most important characteristic of SSS? What methods could we use to study Sport? Name 3 areas that provide support to athletes QUESTIONS ???? WHAT IS SPORT SCIENCE Sports Science Support involves help and advice from a number of scientific disciplines (including performance analysis, nutrition, physiology, psychology and strength and conditioning) each focused on helping improve performance of the elite athlete DEFINITIONS OF SPORT SCIENCE "Sport and Exercise Science is the application of scientific principles to the promotion, maintenance and enhancement of sport and exercise related behaviours" (BASES, 2005). Generally, three branches of science are used to study sport; these are biomechanics, physiology and psychology” (Britishcycling.org, 2009). SPORT SCIENCE SUPPORT SERVICES BIOMECHANICS NUTRITION PHYSIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS http://www.eis2win.co.uk/ MODULE INFORMATION
PACK http://moodle.runshaw.ac.uk/ Lets have a look Assessment 1:
Briefing: week of 17th October 2011
Hand in: week of 5th December 2011
Designated feedback: week of 12th December 2011
Re-work hand in: week of 2nd January 2012

Assessment 2:
Briefing: week of 9th January 2012
Presentations: week of 5th – 12th March 2012
Designated feedback: week of 19th March 2012
Re-work hand in: week of 2nd January 2012

Assessment 3:
Briefing: week of 6th February 2012
Presentations: week of 23rd April 2012
Designated feedback: week of 30th April 2012
Re-work hand in: week of 7th May 2012 assessment 1 Evaluate one role:
Biomechanist Decide as soon as possible
Physiologist To do this to a high standard you MUST use current research journals to highlight how your chosen role is being used in SSS Next week Roles of the Sport Psychologist
Use the indicative reading list to gain a better understanding of how a sport psychologist can be used in SSS
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